243 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KaciKaci means VigorousGirl
KacibrelKacibrel means AlertGirl
KacieThe name Kacie means Vigilant in WarGirl
KacyThe name Kacy means Alert, AlarmGirl
KadiKadi means RhymingGirl
KadianKadian means Pure,RhytmicGirl
KadieannKadieann means Rhyming, PureGirl
KadienneKadienne means a rhythmic flow of soundsGirl
KadynceThe mane means "A melodic or harmonic pattern that signals the end of a phrase".Girl
KaeleighThe name means Keeper of the KeysGirl
KaeleneKaelene means Keeper of the Keys, PureGirl
KaeleyThe name means She who has the KeysGirl
KaeliKaeli means Pure, KeyholderGirl
KaeliaKaelia means Holder of the KeysGirl
KaelieKaelie means Pure, Keeper of the KeysGirl
KaelynThe name means She Who holds the KeyGirl
KaeshaKaesha means VigorousGirl
KaiannaKaianna means Victory of the PeopleGirl
KailanKailan means Keeper of Keys, PureGirl
KaileeKailee means Keeper of the Keys, The Pure OneGirl
KaileyKailey means Each of the TwoGirl
KailinThe name means Keeper of the KeysGirl
KailynThe name means The Pure Keeper of the KeysGirl
KailynnKailynn name means Meadow, WaterfallGirl
KailynneKailynne means She who has the KeysGirl
KaleeKalee name means Fair, Pure, Keeper of the KeysGirl
KallimaKallima means The Name of the ButteerflyGirl
KallitaKallita name means From the WoodsGirl
KalmiaKalmia is a name of the FlowerGirl
KalynKalyn means Keeper of the keysGirl
KalynnKalynn means The One who Keeps the KeysGirl
KalynneThe name means KeykeeperGirl
KambriaKambrian means WalesGirl
KamiyahLover of art and musicGirl
KamlynA combination of name Kama and LynnGirl
KamrinKamrin name means Crooked NoseGirl
KandeeKandee name means Ethiopian QueenGirl
KandiKandi means The Queen MotherGirl
KandiceKandice The Queen of EthiopiaGirl
KandieThe name The Mother QueenGirl
KandisLatin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of CandaceGirl
KandissKandiss means Ethiopian QueensGirl
KandyLatin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of CandaceGirl
KandyceThe name means a Title Used by Ethiopian QueensGirl
KansateA reserved, poised and gracious beingGirl
KaraleighThe name means Pure and Fair WaomanGirl
KarminaKarmina means OrchardGirl
KarolynMeans Free WomanGirl
KarynA pure individualGirl
KasenA dame of purityGirl
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