365 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LaaekLaaek means Still WaterGirl
LaaraLaara means Famous WomanGirl
LadyA woman who is young and beutifulGirl
LaekynCheerfull and Happy WomanGirl
LaeppaOld English word meaning A thorn's end, the pointy end of the thornGirl
LagliuaThe name means By The LakeGirl
LaguiaLaguia means Close to the LakeGirl
LaideyOne who belongs to the hill by the rapidsGirl
LaikonA water body, one wo lives by the water lake or water streamUnisex
LainaLaina means Path, LaneGirl
LaineighMeans Path from the MeadowGirl
LainieLainie means Bright Shining OneGirl
LakeeshaLakeesha means HappyGirl
LakeshaJoyful, HappyGirl
LakeshiaJoyous, LivelyGirl
LakeyshaAlive and Well; Cassia treeGirl
LakishaA woman who is full of joy and happinessGirl
LakkenA person who comes from the still watersGirl
LakonaA woman who lives near still watersGirl
LakynShe who comes from the lake or a body of waterGirl
LalaineA woman who works hard for her independenceGirl
LambA person with a young mindUnisex
LandreeThe one who comes of the rough terrainGirl
LandrieName that describes people who live on rough terrainGirl
LandryThe one who rules the landunisex
LanelleVersion of the name Lane, meaning path, long meadowGirl
LanetteFair, good looking womanGirl
LaneyRoadway, path from the meadowGirl
LanghiueLasting Life, the one who is tallGirl
LanghuieLong life, the lasting oneGirl
LanglauaAn angel who once inhabited in EnglandUnisex
LangleighFrom the old meadowGirl
LaniceGood-looking, fair oneGirl
LanieRoadwat, pathGirl
Lanisathe Heavenly oneGirl
LannaPrecious and valued personGirl
LanoreOne who is bright and lightGirl
LarkenA bird Lark with extravagan singing that is a symbol for Love and DaybreakUnisex
LarkspurA spurshaped blossom flower of blue colourGirl
LaryaShe who is crowned with Honor and FameGirl
LassieA Girl who is small, slender and pettiteGirl
LateshaOne who is high spirits, happy and joyousGirl
LaticiaJoyous, happy GirlGirl
LatishaPerson filled with joyGirl
LauaA laurel tree or a bay treeGirl
LaudenEnglish cognate from the Latin town LaurentisGirl
LaudinaFrom the Arthurian Legend, character Laudine, the lady of the FountainGirl
LauracyOne who lives by the laurel treeGirl
LaurahLaurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryGirl
LauraineName meaning Laurel tree. Has many variationsGirl
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