346 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MabileThe lovable oneGirl
MabiliaAdorable, lovable oneGirl
MabilieAmiable, adorable personGirl
MabillStar of the sea; beloved oneGirl
MabillaAmable oneGirl
MabillaeA girl who is easy to love and admireGirl
MabilliaThe one who is loved and admiredGirl
MableThe lovable oneGirl
MableyA sweet, amiable personGirl
MablyDelightful, loved oneGirl
MabotaInfinite, endlessGirl
MabryA divine and blessed oneGirl
MacaraOne who brings joy and happinessGirl
MacaylaA gift of GodGirl
MacayleOne who is God-likeGirl
MaccaCommon nickname in English speaking countries for someone whose surname begins with Mac or Mc meaning son ofUnisex
MacenWorker in StoneGirl
MaceyGiven by GodGirl
MaciGranted by GodGirl
MackennaCeltic - Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;Girl
MackenzingtonA person who is kind and warm heartedGirl
MacyHill, one who comes from the hillsGirl
MadalieFrom Madeline, means towerGirl
MadalinaOf Magdala, a place name that means towerGirl
MadalineA place name, From Magdala a village in GalileeGirl
MaddyYoung; Unmarried woman; Son of the Mighty Warrior; A variant form of Madison;Girl
MadeleinA place name of town Magdala that means towerGirl
MadeleleineTo come from town Magdala that means towerGirl
Madilynrefers to Mary Magdalene; towerGirl
MadilynnOne who is from MagdalaGirl
MadisenSon of MaudGirl
MadissenA gift of GodGirl
MadlainaA woman of MagdalaGirl
MadyEnglish name meaning maidenGirl
MadysenA gift of GodGirl
MaebryOne who is from the high towerGirl
MaebyA bitter oneGirl
MaecyOne who self reliant, flexible and slable mindedGirl
MaegthYoung; Unmarried woman; A variant form of MaidaGirl
MaeleighAn unmarried, elegant and one from the high towerGirl
MaelianaA person who is charming and passionateGirl
MaerlaForm of name Madeline, meaing one who is from Magdala townGirl
MaertisaFamous; One who is well knownGirl
MaesenFeminine form of Mason, meaning stone workerGirl
MaessaA daughter of stone workerGirl
MaevenA mesmerising ravenGirl
MaewynShe who decsends from a high towerGirl
MagdYoung; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of MaidaGirl
MagdaleneA maiden of MagdalaGirl
MagdalynFrom the town on the coast of the sea of GalieeGirl
MagdelineShe comes from the town Magdala of GalieeGirl
MaggotThe larva of the flyUnisex
MaggoteOne who is like a maggotGirl
MagicA supernatural power, an illusionUnisex
MagnoliaFrom The Flower; Name of FlowerGirl
MagotOne who looks like a pearlGirl
MagotaA woman with the looks like a pearlGirl
MagoteOne who is compared to a pearlGirl
MahoganyDark Red WoodGirl
MahogonyA type of a wood, a Mahogony treeUnisex
MaidaYoung; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of MaidahGirl
MaidelA maiden from the tower townGirl
MaidenAn unmarried, virgin womanGirl
MaidieYoung; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of MaidaGirl
MaidyA young woman who is unmarriedGirl
MailaOne who is admiredGirl
MaisicaA person who has a wonderful life; greatGirl
MaitaineEnglish name for someone who is dearly lovedGirl
MaitaneOne who is loved deeplyGirl
MaitenaOne who is loved by manyGirl
MaivelynOne who is fast, attractive and has idealsGirl
MaiwenCompound name meaning beautiful MaryGirl
MajerleA maidenGirl
MakaelaFeminine from Michael, meaning Who is like God?Girl
MakaylaA name from the Bible, Who is like a God?Girl
MakaylahA question "Who is like a God?"Girl
MakeiahCreated NameGirl
MalaysiaA land of the mountainsGirl
MaleighA star of the seaGirl
MaleighaShe who is bitter, ful of bitternessGirl
MalerieUnhappy, unfortunate oneGirl
MallaShe who has no luckGirl
MalleA desired, wished for childGirl
MalleryOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; It is a spelling variant of MalloryGirl
MalloriThe unfortunate oneGirl
MalloryThe one who has no luckGirl
MallowEnglish - The mallow flower; Celtic - From Mallow; Ireland; By the river AlloGirl
MalotaFrom an English surname, means a wished childGirl
MalouOne who is a renowned warriorGirl
MalvinaEnglish - Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of MelvinaGirl
MalvineEnglish - Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of MelvinaGirl
MalvisA river of bitternessGirl
MalwinaEnglish - Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of MelvinaGirl
MalysaA woman hardworking as a beeGirl
MamieA pearl-like womanGirl
MandaOne who is worthy of being lovedGirl
MandalynOne who is worthy of loveGirl
MandiOne who is worthy of being lovedGirl
MandyShort of Amanda meaning being worthy of loveGirl
ManerviaOne who has intellectGirl
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