55 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NacelleIn English it means a Shell, In French it means a small boatGirl
NadalynFrom the prosperous man's peak.Girl
NadalyneFrom the high peak of a wealthy manGirl
NaisbitThe nose-bend of the riverUnisex
NaisbittThe nose-bend of a piece of groundUnisex
NalyssaBeloved child of light, a lanternGirl
NataviaA pleasant gift from GodGirl
NaydiAn adorable, loving and independent personGirl
Necessityunavoidable or extremely requisiteUnisex
NedjelkoThe one who's birth day is Sunday.Girl
NedoProtector of snow or protector of wealth.Girl
NeeliThe one who is winning the competition.Unisex
NekoThe butter made from the Sheep's milk.Unisex
NeldaThe grain of the fenugreek shrub.Girl
NellThe glittering pearl.Girl
NellieThe most good looking and attractive woman in the world.Girl
NellwynThe one who is very close to Nellie's heart.Girl
NellyThe most stunning and gorgeous woman.Girl
NeltaWoman who came from near the seaGirl
NelwinThe joyful or delightful mate.Girl
NelwinaPositive and lively buddy.Girl
NelwynDaughter of the winner.Girl
NelwynaMerry and smiling friend.Girl
NenniaWho belongs to the northern areasGirl
NequoyahA sserious, independent and wonderful beingGirl
NeruteA polite, easy going and fun loving personGirl
NevaehThe backward spelling of Heaven.Girl
NevilaThe newly established townGirl
NewlynFrom the shrine of Saint Newelina.Unisex
NiawbrawakaA truthful and kind human beingGirl
NiccoleThe success of the nation.Girl
NicheleBlend of Nichole (victory of people) and Michelle (gift from God)Girl
NicholaThe people's hero.Girl
NightingaleA bird that sings melodiouslyGirl
NikeishaResembling the cinnamon tree.Girl
NiketaFailed, Unproductive, Vain, Ineffective.Girl
NikkieThe people of triumph.Girl
NirmanyuThe soldier at the northern entrance.Unisex
NoelleBirthday of Christ Jesus.Girl
NoggaPoised and graceful individualGirl
NoggeA person who is quick minded and fertileGirl
NoleneBeautiful and fairer in color.Girl
NorabelThe person who is graceful and moral.Girl
NoralynThe person who is wonderful and decency.Girl
NorellaThe lady who is possessing integrity and honesty.Girl
NoreneThe person who is entitled to honour and admiration.Girl
NorlaA person who is poised and reservedGirl
NorwoodThe soldier at the northern entrance.Unisex
NotekynName od a stated; snow clas and filled with lightGirl
NudA generous and expressive human beingGirl
NuenAn individual who has high standardsGirl
NuwairaThe petal of the beautiful flowers.Girl
NyajaAn inspired and a guardian angelGirl
NymeriaA warrior queenGirl
NynyueAn entertaining, noble and kind personGirl
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