251 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter R

RacquelA little lamb, eweGirl
RadellaElfin counselorGirl
RaeaHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RaeannHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RaedselfAn elfin counselorGirl
RaegenhereA judge or deciderGirl
RaelieA QuillGirl
RaevynnFrom name of the bird ravenGirl
RaewynRaven; White doe; A variant of RaevenGirl
RafenildEnglish name for girlsGirl
RaganLittle Ruler; Kingly; A variant of ReganGirl
RagenelEnglish name for girlsGirl
RagenildAn English name for girlsGirl
RagenildaA girl's nameGirl
RaghnilEnglish name for girlsGirl
RagnildOld Norse - Goddess or Warrior; All-knowing PowerGirl
RainaPeaceful, Queen; Strong; A derivative name from the word Rai which means ParadiseGirl
RaineyPower of counselGirl
RainnA variant of Renae; A variant of RainGirl
RainyA variant of Renae; A variant of RainGirl
RaivynA raven, a black birdGirl
RalanaMost Beautiful; Very Attractive; Charming and Admirable; Very DesirableGirl
RamettaEnglish name for girlsGirl
RandalynA well protected girlGirl
RandeeOne who is safe and protectedGirl
RandylShe who is well protectedGirl
RannveigOld Norse - A house woman; A variant of RanveigGirl
RauenildeA British girl nameGirl
RavenA name of the black birdUnisex
RavenildA raven-like womanGirl
RavennaA big, black bird, a ravenGirl
RavetteShe who is raven-likeGirl
RavonBlack birdGirl
RawiellaOne who came from the deer's springGirl
RawnieA noble-born woman, a ladyGirl
RayannaA combination of the names Ray and AnnaGirl
RayanneA combination of the names Ray and AnneGirl
RaychelHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RayelleSmall; Little; Humble; A combination of Ray and ElleGirl
RayganLatin - Queen; Descendant of Riagan; A variant of ReganGirl
RayleighFrom the deer meadow; A variant form of RayleeGirl
RayleneA woman who brings a beam of life into people's livesGirl
RaylineShe who is the Queen of peopleGirl
RaylynA combination of names that means One who wisely guards the lakeGirl
RaynneGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Latin - Queen; A variant of RainaGirl
Réiltínlittle starGirl
ReadaOne who is a redhead, mostly used as a surnameGirl
ReannaGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Welsh - Great Queen; A variation of the name RhiannonGirl
RebaOne who puts traps and baits peopleGirl
RebbecaA trap, a snare or a baitGirl
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