330 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

ScarlettBright redGirl
SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
SabelA black, sleek personGirl
SabelinaA sleek oneGirl
SabelineA black oneGirl
SaearahBritish girl nameGirl
SaefuglA insigtful and dynamic beingGirl
SaegifuOne who has dynamic and strong natureGirl
SaethrithAn individual who is individualistic and creativeGirl
SaethrydAn idealistic and fnergetic individualGirl
SaethrydaA stable natured and responsible personGirl
SaethrythA reticent and amazing beingGirl
SaewaraAn alluring, well mannered and emotional beingGirl
SaeyvaA skillful, vigilant and youthful personGirl
SaffronA yellow flowerGirl
SaffroniaEnglish name meaning saffronGirl
SageuaThe Lord is graciousGirl
SageueGracious is the LordGirl
SaieuaThe Lord is graciousGirl
SaigeShe who is wiseGirl
SaiglemairEnglish male nameGirl
SalanA refined, quick witted and affectionate personGirl
SalernaEnglish female nameGirl
SalonaA beautiful girlGirl
SandreeaDefends and helps manGirl
SandreiaKeep mankind guardedGirl
SaniceGod is mercifulGirl
SantaOne who is a saintGirl
SaphiraA jewel, a gemGirl
SarabellaA beautiful princessGirl
SarabelleA gorgeous princessGirl
SarabethPrincess in the house of the LordGirl
SaradoraA gift from princessGirl
SaralynPrincess from the valleyGirl
SarannaA graceful princessGirl
SarnaliThe Sun GoddessGirl
SarrotaOne who has the best taste, mature and friendly beingGirl
SatchelA hand bagGirl
SaturdayA day in a week; Saturn's dayUnisex
SavsuhzaniaOne who is talented, charming and pleasant individualGirl
SawyerWoodcutter An Occupational nameUnisex
SaxoniaA Saxon womanGirl
SayeuaShe who is hopefulGirl
SayevaTo breathe or to liveGirl
SaylorA sailorUnisex
SaywardProtector of the seaGirl
ScarleteThe red oneGirl
ScarlettaOne with the red hairGirl
ScarletteVariation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or RedUnisex
ScarlletA shade of redGirl
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