202 English Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TaelorA form of taylorGirl
TaetaDerivative of taite which means cheerfulGirl
TaetumForm of traedum; Tata's homesteadUnisex
TaffetaOf ancient italian cultureGirl
TaittOne who brings happiness to other people; Cheerful oneUnisex
TaliniSnow angels; snow falling at dawnGirl
TallysPet form of talia; A female lamb; Last name of a personGirl
TamaryA woman who is a palm treeGirl
TamasinShe who is a twin sisterGirl
TamberlynTo be someone's twinUnisex
TambreOne whose music brings joyGirl
TambriaShe whose music brings great happinessGirl
TamecaOne with sweet natureGirl
TameikaA girl of sweet natureGirl
TamelaOne who is dark in a sweet wayGirl
TamesisOne who is darkUnisex
TameyA pet form of Tamara, which means a palm treeGirl
TamicaShe who is very sweetGirl
TamieA pet from Tamara, meaning a little palm treeGirl
TamiekaA cute girl with sweet personalityGirl
TammeeA pet of Tamara. Means a palm treeGirl
TammeyA name that means a date palm treeGirl
TamminAn indfluential and talented beingGirl
TamraLike a palm treeGirl
TamsieA twin sisterGirl
TamzenVariation of Tamsin, meaning a twinGirl
TanandaOne who has the power to rule and controlGirl
TandiA fair princessGirl
TangenneAn affectionate, trustworthy and humane beingGirl
TangerinaShe who is from the city of TangiersGirl
TangerineShe who is from TangiersGirl
TaniceGod's incarnateGirl
TanyShe who is tawnyGirl
TaralynVariation of the name Tara meaning the hillGirl
TarapornOne who appreciates nature and surroundingsGirl
TarbaraA strange traveller who is from a foreign landGirl
TarinBlend of names Tara and Erin, means a hill from IrelandGirl
TarinaOne who is from a hillGirl
TarranOf the thunderUnisex
TarrynFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TashiaShe who is born at ChristmasGirl
TasmineA twin siblingGirl
TatemA joyful girlGirl
TateumOld English surnameGirl
TathereA thoughtful, spirited and level headed personGirl
TatrissA practical, diligent and talented girlGirl
TattaA poised, affectionate and humble beingGirl
TaurinaFeminine form of Taurus, the bullGirl
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