10677 English Baby Names With Meanings

English, spoken by over a billion people, is the lingua franca of the world. The language of Dante, Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, English has a universal magnificence, which elevates even the simplest write up to a nifty piece of art.

There’s no dearth of attractive and wonderful names in the English language. Presently, there’s a trend of using English surnames as given names such as Bradley, Cameron, Beverly, and so on. Vocabulary words like Hope, Charity, Summer are also being used as given names. The stock is further increased by traditional and classic names like Alicia, Charlotte, Marshall, Nicholas, and their short forms.

Below is MomJunction's wide selection of English baby names with their meanings, with additional information. It will surely help you pick the perfect name for the latest member of your family.

AeriaA specie of butterfly. Type of butterflyGirl
AerithCreated Name; A variant of the name AerisGirl
AerwynaOne who is friend or companion of a seaGirl
AescwigA fight or rumble near the ash treeBoy
AescwineSpear FriendBoy
AescwynThe winner or victor from the ash treeBoy
AesoburneOne who is born near the ash treeBoy
AethelA noble snake or one from the AethelindBoy
AethelardOne who descends from the noble snakeBoy
AethelbaldNoble and Bold; A King of MerciaBoy
AethelbeorhtThe bright noble snakeBoy
AethelbeornOne who is born of a noble snakeBoy
AethelberhtThe bright and shining noble snakeBoy
AethelbertBright NobilityBoy
AethelburhThe brightness or a noble snakeBoy
AetheldredA noble snake counsellorBoy
AethelfridThe peaceful noble snakeBoy
AethelfrithNoble PeaceBoy
AethelgarThe spear of a noble snakeBoy
AethelgifuA gift of the noble snakeBoy
AethelgythThe gift from the noble snakeBoy
AethelhardNoble StrengthBoy
AethelheahThe high noble snakeBoy
AethelhelmA covering of the noble snakeBoy
AethelhereName of a KingBoy
AethelhildThe battle of the noble snakeBoy
AethelhunA gift from the noble snakeBoy
AethelindA noble snakeBoy
AethelindaA noble female snakeGirl
AethelisdunThe fort of a noble snakeBoy
AethelmaerA little virgin noble snakeGirl
AethelmaereThe virgin daughter of a noble snakeGirl
AethelmodThe modesty of a noble snakeBoy
AethelmundThe protection of a noble snakeBoy
AethelnothThe distress or the need of a noble snakeBoy
Aethelraedthe counsel of noble snakeBoy
AethelredThe Noble snake counselBoy
AethelredaA female counsellor noble snakeGirl
AethelricThe king of the noble snakeBoy
AethelsigeThe win or victory of noble snakeBoy
AethelstanNoble StoneBoy
AethelstunThe town of the noble snakeBoy
AethelthrythAnglo-Saxon - Wife of King Ecgfrith; Old English name from 'Aethel' meaning noble and 'thryth' meaning strengthGirl
AetheluThe kindness of a noble snakeBoy
AethelulfThe gentleness of a noble snakeBoy
AethelwaldThe forest of the noble snakeBoy
AethelwalhA noble snake from the forestBoy
AethelwaruThe war of the noble snakeBoy
AethelweahThe storm of noble snakeBoy
AethelweardThe noble snake guardBoy
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