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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Esther

The name Esther is derived from the Old Persian word stra, which means ‘star.’ The name also has Hebrew origins, meaning ‘hidden.’ It might perhaps be a derivation of the goddess Ishtar’s name. The Protestant Reformation saw the introduction of this moniker.

The most common pronunciation is “ESS-ter,” with the H remaining silent. Other phonetic spellings are EST + UH, or ES-tər. Esther has many variations. Some common ones are Eistir in Irish, Eseza in Luganda, Essi in Finnish, Estee in French, Ettie in English, and Hester in English. Essy, Este, Etta, Ettie, and Stella are the common nicknames that parents pick for Esther.

In the biblical work bearing her name, Esther is a young Jewish lady from the Persian diaspora who obtains the king’s favor. She ascends to the throne and sacrifices her life to save the Jewish people from annihilation after Haman, a court official, convinces the monarch to sanction a massacre against all the Jews of the empire. “The Book of Esther” is a Jewish novella written in the diaspora during the late Persian/early Hellenistic period. It deals with the ongoing problems of maintaining Jewish identity and assuring survival among cultural pressures and hostile foes in a strange nation.

The name “Esther” has been used in various literary and media works and is frequently connected to strong, bold, and resolute characters. The protagonist of Charles Dickens’s book “Bleak House” is Esther Summerson. She is an adopted orphan who develops into a kind and wise young woman after being raised by a family member. Esther maintains optimism and hope despite her challenging childhood, and the novel’s core subject is her tenacity.

Esther has long been a well-liked name for Jewish girls, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became widely popular in the English-speaking world. Following the 1905 release of Grace Cavendish’s book “The Story of Esther,” the name became well-known. The novel, a retelling of Queen Esther’s biblical tale, contributed to the name’s rising popularity.


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Sweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of Persia
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How To Pronounce Esther?


Famous People With The Name Esther

  • Esther WilliamsAmerican swimmer and actress, known for setting regional and national records in her late teens
  • Esther HallEnglish television and theater actress, best known for her role in the TV drama “Queer as Folk”
  • Esther Elizabeth RolleAmerican actress, famous for her role as Florida Evans, on the CBS television sitcom “Maude”
  • Esther FreudBritish novelist, author of The Wild, Gaglow, and The Sea House
  • Esther Lee Jones aka Baby EstherAmerican jazz singer; inspiration for the cartoon character “Betty Boop”

Esther On The Popularity Chart

Check out the graphs shared here to learn more about Esther’s popularity and ranking.

Popularity Over Time

Esther peaked in popularity in 2018, with 1852 babies per million given the name. See the graph to know how the name did over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Esther achieved its best ever ranking of 165 in 2021 and has been consistently part of the top 500 list. Check the graphical representation to know its ranking over the last few decades.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Esther

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Name Numerology For Esther

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