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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Evie

Evie is an adorable name that has mixed origins. Some consider Evie has Hebrew origin because of its root, ‘Eve,’ from the Hebrew name Chawwah or Hawwah. However, many consider it a feminine diminutive of the classic Evelyn from the old English. The name signifies life or a woman who enjoys life. It also has links to Australia and is considered a sister name for Eve. This Hebrew term means to breathe or live.

The name has religious significance in Muslim, Christian, and Judeo. Eve in Hebrew refers to the ‘source of life.’ One of the notable bearers of the name can be found in the Old Testament. Evie is the mother of humanity who tasted the forbidden fruit and, as a result, precipitated the fall of man. Evie started acquiring popularity in the 19th century. According to the Social Security Administration data, it has remained at the top ever since.

The name has plenty of variations across different cultures. In Latin, it’s Evvie, and in English, it is Ivie and Edie. The Irish name variation is Elvie, while in French, it is Genevieve. The name is Evita in Spanish and Eba in Latin.

The name garnered much fame in America when prominent people from the entertainment industry took it up. American actress Evie Peck, singer Evelyn Lourett ‘Evie’ Sands, and child actress Evie Dolan are some famous name bearers.

There are many fictional occurrences of Evie as well. It is the name of the leading character in the ‘Paranormalcy’ series and the animated series ‘Mike the Knight.’ Evie is also the daughter of Evil Queen in Disney’s Descendants. Natalie Portman portrayed the character Evie in ‘V for Vendetta.’ The name is thus quite loved by Americans everywhere. Evie appeals to parents who are looking for a short and sweet-sounding name.


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Variation of Eve which means life
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How To Pronounce Evie?


Famous People With The Name Evie

  • Evie SandsSinger, songwriter, and member of Adam Marsland’s Chaos band.
  • Evie DolanAmerican musician known for her role of Katy in School of Rock.
  • Evie HudakAmerican politician serving in the Colorado Senate.
  • Evie NicholsonActress known for her role in Being the Ricardos.
  • Evelyn Rose Strange ‘Evie’ WyldAnglo-Australian author who penned After the Fire
  • Evie Rose ValentineDaughter of actors Inna Corobkina and Steve Valentine
  • Evie HoneIrish painter and stained glass artist
  • Evie PeckActress and producer of the independent film Memron
  • Evie RichardsEnglish cyclist and women’s cross-country world champion
  • Evie TamalaIndonesian singer-songwriter famous for her single Salamat Malam

Evie On The Popularity Chart

The name Evie has been a popular choice in recent years, and it reached its peak popularity in 2021. The graph below outlines the name’s rise and fall in popularity.

Popularity Over Time

The name’s usage has increased rapidly over the past years. Take a look at this graph to learn more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Evie is one of the most famous baby girl names of the 21st century and remains in the list of top 100 baby names in the Us. This graph explains the ranking trend in detail.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Evie

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