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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Faolan

A boy’s name of Irish origin, Faolan means ‘little wolf.’ The name is spelled with a fada in Gaelic. This name is also the origin of the Irish surname Phelan. It is derived from the Gaelic fáel ‘wolf,’ paired with a diminutive suffix. Ó Faoláin is also a popular surname in Ireland, which also means ‘wolf.’ This wild and strong name has its roots in the ancient mythology of Irish werewolves known as the faoladh. These shapeshifters were not seen as harmful. In fact, they were considered to be guardians, often called by kings in times of war. These mythological creatures were complex, fierce, and exhibited loyalty.

Faolán Mac an Ghabhann na Scéal is a legendary personality bearing the name. He was a 15th-century Irish genealogist and writer. He was one among the 10 scribes of Leabhar Ua Maine. Faolán was commissioned by Muircertach Ó Ceallaigh, Archbishop of Tuam.

The masculine given name Faolan comes with several variations such as Phelan, Faolan, Fáelán and Fillin, Falan, Falomi, and Whelan. The pronunciation of the name Faolán is “FEH-Lae-N” or “fwail-awn.” The name is rare even in Ireland, the land where it originated.

The name’s rarity has also caused its minimal appearance in popular culture references. The children’s book series Wolves of the Beyond, written by the American author Kathyrn Lasky has a character named Faolan MacDuncan. He is a male dire wolf and the main character of the series.

Faolan is a unique name reflecting a strong character and can be considered for your adorable little boy.


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One who runs with the wolves
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How To Pronounce Faolan?


Famous People With The Name Faolan

  • Seán Proinsias Ó FaoláinIrish short-story writer, one of the most prominent figures of the Irish culture in the 20th century
  • Julia O’FaolainLondon-born Irish novelist and short story writer, known for the novels “No Country for Young Men” and “The Obedient Wife”
  • Nuala O’FaolainIrish journalist, book reviewer, and writer, known for her memoirs “Are You Somebody?” and “Almost There”

Faolan On The Popularity Chart

Looks at the SSA graphs below to assess the performance of the name Faolan over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The name Faolan has not been popular with parents in the US. In 2021, only 14 babies per million were given the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Faolan performed poorly on the ranking charts and never made it to the Top 1000 names list. It reached its best-ever rank of 23,503 in the year 2020.

Source: Social Security Administration

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