129 French Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter B

BeldanLives in the Beautiful GlenBoy
BeldaneLives in the Beautiful ValleyBoy
BeldenFrom The Fair ValleyBoy
BelialWicked; WorthlessBoy
BellamyBellamy is Good FriendBoy
BellinorBeautiful and dark personBoy
BelmontFrom a beautiful hillBoy
BelotA name of a card gameUnisex
BemanFrench - Lovely Hill; A variant of name BeemanBoy
BemelleStrong as a BearBoy
BenaiahSon of the LordBoy
BenardFrom BernardBoy
BenedictusBlessed; Happy,enjoying happiness; specifically : enjoying the bliss of heavenBoy
BeniPlait of Hair; BlessedBoy
BenjieDiminutive of Benjamin; Right-hand Son; Son of the Right HandBoy
BenjimanSon of the Right HandBoy
BennBorn of the Right Hand; Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict; SonBoy
BenoitForm Of BenedictBoy
BensenBen's Son; Surname; Be DiligentBoy
BeoreBirch TreeBoy
BeretunFrom the Barley FarmBoy
BerfordFrom the Barley FordBoy
BergeTo HelpBoy
BerkeleyFrom the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches GrowBoy
BerkleyFrom the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches GrowBoy
BerleA water parsnipBoy
BernadStrong and Brave as a BearBoy
BernalStrong BearBoy
BernardBold As A BearBoy
BernardinoBrave; Brave as a BearBoy
BerndBrave Like a BearBoy
BernhardusBrave Like a BearBoy
BernonBrave as a BearBoy
BerntHill; Mount; Brave Like a BearBoy
BernyDerived From BernardBoy
BertonFrom the Fortified Town; Place Name; Bright Settlement; Glorious Ruler; Bright RavenBoy
BerwykFrom the Barley GrangeBoy
BevenYouthful; Son of EvanBoy
BevonEvan's SonBoy
BilleWill; Desire; Helmet; ProtectionBoy
BirenFrom the place of shedsBoy
BirkettLives at the Birch HeadlandBoy
BirkeyFrom the Birch Tree IslandBoy
BironSurname Used as a Given Name; Place Name; Barn for CowsBoy
BirtelFrom the Bird HillBoy
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