57 French Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

DamianaThe one who tamesBoy
DanrelleNew and freshBoy
DantinName of a place; habitationalBoy
DantonLove from GodBoy
DarelOne from the Airelle; LovelyUnisex
DarellWord for huckleberry; belovedUnisex
DarielWide openBoy
DarlBeloved personBoy
DarralOpen oneBoy
DarrellA good and steady workerBoy
DarrenStrong as an Oak treeBoy
DarryllOpen mindedBoy
DartagnanA created nameBoy
DarvellTown where Eagles liveBoy
DarylOne which is openBoy
DashOne from ChielBoy
DavignonDearly loved personUnisex
DawidGreatest king of Israel; belovedBoy
DaxName of a town in France; waterBoy
DegareA lost one; strayBoy
DejahA fun loving person; pleasant oneUnisex
DelThe one who is of the valleyBoy
DelaineA growing individual; Alder treeBoy
DelanceyA creative and unique individualBoy
DelancyOne who grows out of Elder groveBoy
DelaneA tall and handsome being; Elder treeBoy
DelaynieA dark challenger from the woodsUnisex
DelmasPerson who lives in isolationBoy
DelmerOne who resides near a seaBoy
DelroyOne who is born of the KingBoy
DemontOne who is filled with desires; mountainBoy
DenardShort form of Bernard; creative beingBoy
DennesOne who is nourishing individualBoy
DennetA loving an famous saintBoy
DenverName of a state in ColoradoBoy
DeonteA traveller who has a outstanding personalityBoy
DeorA beloved baby; golden oneUnisex
DiandreA blend of Dion and Andre; heavenly flowerBoy
DidierOne who has a desire or longingBoy
DietboldBold and brave oneBoy
DilanOne who is near the sea; healthyBoy
DiorGolden; one who has a open heartUnisex
DmonteA person who is expressive,determined,diplomatic and of refined nature.Boy
DoA person who is independent,confident and has qualities like a leader.Unisex
DomeniqueIt means someone who is unique and specialUnisex
DonatienPresent; a beautiful giftBoy
DougerA capable and mature personBoy
DougrayA well behaved personBoy
DozierA willow tree; one who lives in a plantation;basket makerBoy
DrazikA serious and level headed personBoy
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