28 French Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

Ethanstrong or gift of the island.Boy
EdA prosperous or wealthy guard and provides protectionBoy
EddieOne who is rich in friendship; wealthy protectorBoy
EduardGuardian of richess; one who spendsBoy
EduuardProsperous guardian; a perfect compannionBoy
ElDerived from EleanorUnisex
ElldrichAn aged and wise ruler; SageBoy
EloiThe one who has a restless and brave spiritBoy
EloisA brave and famous warriorBoy
EloyA chosen one who is a french SaintBoy
Emanualthis name means lord almighty be with us.Boy
Emanuelthis name means god is with us.Boy
Emerila powerful leader is often denoted by this name.Boy
Emileit means excellence.Boy
Empsderived from the word emperor this name means a commander.Boy
Ereka French word which means always mighty.Boy
Erembourca French mythological character who rides shadows.Unisex
EsmaeFrench word meaning respected.Unisex
Esmayesteemed or to love.Boy
Esmea French word for esteem.Boy
Esperaunceto dream or to hope.Boy
Esprita French word meaning spirit.Boy
Estiennea French word meaning star or crowned.Boy
Etienneit means crown.Boy
Etrita bright sparkling radiant star.Boy
Eudesthe name of a French saint.Boy
Eugenienovility or high born individual.Boy
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