69 French Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter L

LeoLatin word meaning lionBoy
LiamA worrior of strong willBoy
LouisFrench name meaning Great knight, brave warriorBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
LacLac comes from a town name in NormandyBoy
LafayetteLafayette means FaithBoy
LamarBelonging to the seaBoy
LamarrFrom the french word "la mer" that means the SeaBoy
LancelinThe one who serves, servantBoy
LandaineA long hill or a ridge, refers to londonBoy
LandisPeople from the green plainsBoy
LandreyHe who is a powerful rulerBoy
LandyRuler with great powerBoy
LanfrancA speaker, who speaks wiselyBoy
LangleyEnglishman, man who comes from EnglandBoy
LanierOccupational name, whool workerBoy
LannieLegendary Lands, the name is an abbrevation of the French Hero RolandBoy
LannyThe Lands that are Legendary and FamousBoy
LaronThe one who steals, a thiefBoy
LarueOne with a flaming-red hairBoy
LasalleA large entrance hall, a foayerBoy
LasonneA place name from La Sonne in FranceBoy
LaurentFrom the place with laurel treesBoy
LaurentinPlace where laurels growBoy
LaurtneHe who came from the place with Laurel treeesBoy
LaverAn action of cleaning, washing somethingBoy
LavernA land of trees, WoodlandUnisex
LeandreThe one than is like a LionBoy
LeavoldSongs of the Vire ValleyBoy
LebeauThe hansome one, beautiful BoyBoy
LeeroyFrench name meaning The KingBoy
LemarFrom French word meaning the SeaBoy
LemarrHe who belongs to The SeaBoy
LenardHe who has the Blood of the LionBoy
LennardBold like a lionBoy
LeocadieFrench version of the name Leonard, means lionBoy
LeodegranceFrench version of the name meaning lionBoy
LeonceFrench name meaning LionBoy
LeonidemThe one who has the qualities of a LionUnisex
LeroiHe who is a ruler of people, a KingBoy
LeronTo go in circle, to go around and aroundBoy
LeroyA royal, morachial one who rules othersBoy
LestatEstate, status, a name of the character in a novel Vampire ChroniclesBoy
LeuitFrench name for place holderBoy
LeverFrench name for hareBoy
LeverettLittle young rabbitBoy
LewesFamous warrior, the one who has fame in the battleBoy
LionalLittle,young lionBoy
LionetYoung or small lionBoy
LisleOne who is from the islandBoy
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