51 French Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter P

PaceOne who has a peaceful natureBoy
PackardFrench - From Picardy, France; A variant of PicardBoy
PadgettOne who attends a noble person's houseBoy
PagetA person who is like an attendant; is appreciatedBoy
PaladinA heroic champion; they are like knightBoy
ParisHandsome prince from TroyBoy
ParkeOld French - Park Keeper; Of the Forest;Boy
ParnellOne who is appreciated and lovabeBoy
ParrishA habitational name; a guardian and loyal personUnisex
ParsifalPierce the Valley; A variant of PercivalBoy
PascaleOne who is born on passoverBoy
PaschalOne who is born on the day of EasterBoy
PaschallIt is the variant of PascalBoy
PaskalA variant of Pascal, meaning one born during Easter.Boy
PasqualeVariant of French name Pascal; Derived from the Latin Paschalis meaning relating to Easter; Born on Passover DayBoy
PatraicAristocrat; name given to a saintBoy
PatriceA noble patrician being; clear sightedUnisex
PatricioName given to a patrician and a noblemanBoy
PatrikA noble patrician; who is sensitiveBoy
PauleshA variant of Paul; energetic and humbleBoy
PauletteThe one with idealistic nature; helping natureBoy
PepinOne who is awe inspiring; to trembleBoy
PercardIt is a historical area of FranceBoy
PercivalName of a Knight; from the valleyBoy
PercivaleThe one who pierces the valleyBoy
PercyOne who pierces the valleyBoy
PerkinName given to the son of PerkinBoy
PerkinsOne who is the son of PerkinBoy
PerkinsonThe name given to son of PerkinBoy
PerkynName for little Peter or a little stoneBoy
PerrenOne who relies on the personal experienceBoy
PerrinOne who likes to travel; a rockBoy
PhilibertA friend and a passionate loverBoy
PhilipA great person who is the lover of horsesBoy
PhilipaA horse's friend and a loverBoy
PhilippaA lover and friend of horsesBoy
PhilippeOne who is the lover and friend of horsesBoy
PhillbertA very bright and famous friendBoy
PhillipeOne who is fond of horsesBoy
PiercyA variant of Percy; tough as a soldierBoy
PierseOne who is very strong; a rockBoy
PiersonAnother form of Peter; a friendly and compassionate personBoy
PilotFrench - An excellent Man; A derivative of the name PillionBoy
PlattOne who comes from the flat landsUnisex
PorterOne who guards the gatesBoy
PrewittThe brave and courageous little oneBoy
PryorOne who is the head of the prioryBoy
PurdyRecluse; A nickname for someone who made frequent use of the oathBoy
PurvesOccupational name for one who obtains supplies for a monastery or manor haouseBoy
PurvisOne who obtains supplies for the manor house or the monasteryBoy
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