47 French Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RaphaelGod is a healerBoy
RabbieA bright flameBoy
RagenerWard of the forestBoy
RahoulA wolf counselBoy
RaimondOne who guards wiselyBoy
RaimundoA smart guideBoy
RangerGuardian of the forestBoy
RanierA mighty advice giverBoy
RaoOne who is auspiciousBoy
RaydellOne who behaves kinglyBoy
RaymundOne who is a wise protector of menBoy
RaynellOne who is a strong counselorBoy
RémiFrench name meaning rowerBoy
RémyA remedyUnisex
ReimundoA right hand of the ruler, his advisorBoy
RemaA deeply loving and sensitive personUnisex
RemiPerson who is an oarsman, a rowerBoy
RemyA person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cureUnisex
RenaudOne who rules with adviceBoy
RenaultA very wise man who advices the rulerBoy
ReneA reborn personBoy
ReneeLatin - Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name ReneBoy
RenellA Boy who was born againBoy
RenneOne who rises againBoy
RennieOne who will rise againBoy
ReveA man who is like a dreamBoy
ReynardA powerful counselorBoy
ReynaudA ruling counselorBoy
RhoneHabitational name for someone from Rhonne in SavoyBoy
RicherA man of great power and wealthBoy
RimiggiuSicilian form of Remy, meaning oarsman.Boy
RiveraHabitational name for someone who lives near the RiverUnisex
RocheOne who is like a rockBoy
RochildisA pretty rockBoy
RodelA legendary, acclaimed KingBoy
RodolphOne who is known as a famous wolfBoy
RoiHe who is a KingBoy
RomainA Roman manBoy
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryUnisex
RosaireA rosary, a garden of rosesBoy
RossignolOne who is like a nightingaleBoy
RouselLittle red oneBoy
RousseauA man of red hairBoy
RuffA french red haired manBoy
RuffinA man of red hair and skinBoy
RuleFrench - Famous Wolf; A variant of the name Ruelle.Boy
RustiA variation of Rusty, means a person witha red headUnisex
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