1098 French Baby Girl Names With Meanings

A French name goes beyond things such as being cool, easy to pronounce and unique. Not only do they look and sound beautiful, but also carry special meanings. French-speaking parents believe that the names influence a child’s development and therefore, give a name after careful consideration. Their naming custom identifies a baby’s name from the Roman Catholic calendar that has specific names of saints on each day. This is how many lovely baby girl names have evolved.

There are stylish, sophisticated, and plain beautiful names that will make your baby stand out. Whether you love those melodious sounds of the French language or wish to show your appreciation to the rich heritage, below is the list of French names to consider for your baby girl.

NoleenChrist was born on Christmas day.Girl
NormandyOne of the provinces in France.Girl
NourThe person who has superfluous in whole things.Girl
OceaneCharm of the God. A person with a high intellectual skills.Girl
OceanneThe female version of the Mohit that means infatuated person.Girl
OctaviaFemale variant of Mohsin that means a gentle lady who help others.Girl
OdetteA lion in a form of human. A person who possess the furious powers of a lionGirl
OdilaThe right path that a person should follow. Also the name of Lord VishnuGirl
OdileA person who follows the right path according to the beliefs and humanity.Girl
OleviaAn olive branch who represents peaceGirl
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
OraliaPrecious, priceless, golden jewel.Girl
OralieThe light of the sunGirl
OraneThe sun rising up every day, light or sunlit.Girl
OrengeThe fruit or the colorGirl
OrleanBroken part of the field.Girl
OrvaAsset as a gold or valued as golden treasure.Girl
OrvaleeA person treasurable as goldGirl
OttalineOne who can prosper in warfieldGirl
OutaciteAnother name for a man-killerUnisex
OzannaA person who shows authority and potentialGirl
PanchaA free and independent personGirl
PansyA beautiful flower; the language of flowerGirl
ParrishA habitational name; a guardian and loyal personUnisex
PatriceA noble patrician being; clear sightedUnisex
PatriciaNoble WomanGirl
PauieOne who is the little one and younger beingGirl
PauleA humble natured person; variant of paulGirl
PaulineA variant of Paulus; a younger beingGirl
PawlaA compassionate and complex individualGirl
PayneRustic villager; A variation of the name PayenGirl
PerenelleFeminine form of name PetronilleGirl
PeridotBirthstone; Yellow Green Gem; Precious StoneGirl
PerleEnglish - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of PearlGirl
PerrineOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra; A diminutive of PerrinGirl
PetitName for a small personGirl
PetronilleOne who is like a rockGirl
PeysonLittle Rock; A feminine form of PeterGirl
PhillipsA lover of horses; to love from the heartGirl
PhilomeneA person who is loved and nurturedGirl
PierretteOne who is similar to a rock or stoneGirl
PlattOne who comes from the flat landsUnisex
PleasanceOne who brings pleasureGirl
PrimeveireFrench - Primrose; Spanish - Springtime and in Latin it means born at the beginning of SpringGirl
QuelinaFrench name for girlsGirl
QuestaOne who seeksGirl
QuincyEstate of the fifth sonUnisex
RachelaFrom Hebrew name Rachel meaning eweGirl
RachelleA lambGirl
RainaPeaceful, Queen; Strong; A derivative name from the word Rai which means ParadiseGirl
RaissaA thinker, she who thinksGirl
RanaeOne who is reborn or resurrectedGirl
RaphaelleShe who has been healedGirl
RaymondeA woman whose advices rotect peopleGirl
ReineShe who is the QueenGirl
ReinetteOne who is like a little queenGirl
RemaA deeply loving and sensitive personUnisex
RemieA woman who is an oarsmanGirl
RemyA person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cureUnisex
RenadaA reborn womanGirl
RenaeA woman who is born againGirl
RivaFrench - Shore; Bound, Riverbank; A short form of the name RebeccaGirl
RiveraHabitational name for someone who lives near the RiverUnisex
RobbynA flame that burns brightlyGirl
RochelShe is a rock-like womanGirl
RochelleA woman who is like a rockGirl
RochildaA beautiful stoneGirl
RoesiaA woman who is like a roseGirl
RomaanaA woman who is from a RomeGirl
RomaineA woman who is from RomeGirl
RomaneA name of the Roman womanGirl
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryUnisex
RosaleeShe who lives in a rose gardenGirl
RosaleenShe is a garden full of rosesGirl
RosaliLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalieLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalindLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalynLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosamondeA variation of the name Rose. It means rose.Girl
RoseA beautiful flowerGirl
RoseletOne who reselmbles a roseGirl
RoselinA woman whose hair is as red as a roseGirl
RosellaShe who has all the beauty of a roseGirl
RoselleShe who posseses the roses beautyGirl
RoselynWoman with rose-red hairGirl
RoselyneA woman with cheeks and lips of a roseGirl
RosemondA pure rose of protectionGirl
RouxA colour red, a colour of bloodGirl
RoxaneShe who shines like a dawnGirl
RoxannA brightness of the dawnGirl
RoxannaShe who glows like a dawnGirl
RoxanneA woman who shines like a dawnGirl
RozellaA rose from the rose gardenGirl
RubalineA gemstone of deep red colourGirl
RubieA woman who is like a rubyGirl
RubyA precious red jewelGirl
RustiA variation of Rusty, means a person witha red headUnisex
SachaThe defender an helper of menUnisex
SalomeShe who gives peaceGirl
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