94 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter A

Aaidaaaida has many meaning in different languages, like in french it means the one who is helpful, in hebrew it means Ornament or brightnessGirl
Aambera Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey colorGirl
AbeliaMeaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or herGirl
AbellaVariant of Abelia that means breath that is source of lifeGirl
AbrielleA woman of God, or a woman from GodGirl
AcadiaThe land that have plenty, the land of plentyGirl
AcelinA noble girl or a girl who born in high status homeGirl
AcelineA woman who is noble.Girl
AcelynnA girl who is born in noble homeGirl
AdalaideThe nobility or the sort of noble personGirl
AdaleideA person's nobility, noble personGirl
AdaleneAn aristocrat or noble personGirl
AdaliciaOne who is of noble nature, nobilityGirl
AdalineA noble or kind-hearted personGirl
AddilynnDerived from Adele meaning Noble or NobilityGirl
AdelaA short form of adelaideGirl
AdelaidaNoble kind, adornedGirl
AdelaideA noble hood, or a noble personGirl
AdeleA short form of adelaideGirl
AdelinaA form of AdelineGirl
AdelineNoble or nobilityGirl
AdelleA form of Adelaide, AdelineGirl
AdreannaThe favour or gracefulness of seaGirl
AdriannaFrom haridaUnisex
AdyelyaBulgarian form of Alice, meaning of the nobility.Girl
AeliciaAn oath of GodGirl
AemelaAn admiring person, workaholicGirl
AemeleA hard-working and persistent personGirl
AerisAn earth full of flowersGirl
AgaceA very sweet feminine name for a baby girl which means good in French.Girl
AgatheA kind natured woman.Girl
AimeeDearly loved; BelovedGirl
AlianoraPity; Variant of Eleonora; From the Old French form of the Occitan name AlienorGirl
AliceTruth, gracious, realityGirl
AliciaOf Noble BirthGirl
AlisonOf Noble BirthGirl
Alixof dignified kindGirl
AlixeDerives from Alex which means Defending menGirl
AlleseSmart and no-nonsense, one who gets the job done. Variation of English name AlisonGirl
AllisonOf Noble BirthGirl
AllixDefender of Mankind; Female Version of AlexanderGirl
AlouetteDerived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individualsGirl
AloysiaName of an Italian saint; a strong willed person renowned in battlefieldGirl
Alvia"Noble war"; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts peopleUnisex
AlyciaA affectionate noble individual full of nobility and responsible natureGirl
AlydiaA little winged noble girl having a unique vision and investigative in natureGirl
AlyssaMother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanityGirl
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