71 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
EdelieHaving high priciples and qualitiesGirl
EdoniaOf high standards; Wealthy rulerGirl
EglantineWild rose;Botanical nameGirl
EglentinaWild rose; Botanical name of flowerGirl
EilleenBright and shining lightGirl
EivetA large creek or a riverGirl
EkisaOne who is consecrated to GodGirl
ElDerived from EleanorUnisex
ElainaThe bright and shining lightGirl
ElaynaOne who is the shining bright lightGirl
ElayneThe ray of light entering heartGirl
EleanoraLight which is shining and brightGirl
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
EleonoreA shining bright ray of lightGirl
EliciaOne who speak and narrate ideas very wellGirl
ElilenA hazelnut; they are compassionateGirl
ElinorOne who is filled with sense and sensibilityGirl
ElisaOne who is consecrated to godGirl
ElisabelleOne who takes God as Oath; helpfulGirl
EliseThey take God as their oathGirl
ElisiaA friendly, loving and stable personGirl
EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys lifeGirl
EllinorOne who is filled with bright daylightGirl
ElloisOne who is famous in warGirl
ElloiseOne who is famous in a warGirl
ElodieOne who is filled with riches and fortuneGirl
EloisaAnother form of Louise; healthy and wide individualGirl
EloiseA healthy and wide individualGirl
ElsaGod who provides satisfaction; truthGirl
Elvirethis name means someone who is white or fair.Girl
Elynthis name means foreign or sun rays.Girl
Elysethis name means someone who is pledged to god.Girl
Em?kethis name means someone who is hardworking.Girl
Emanuelathe literal meaning of this name is god be with us.Girl
Emeleit means someone who is industrious or can be admired.Girl
EmeraudeFrench word for emerald.Girl
Emillydilligent and hard working.Girl
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
Emmaleaha powerful and strengthful person.Girl
Emmalinehardwoking and striving for excellence that is universal or complete.Girl
EmmanuelleFrench feminine word for the Messiah ultimately meaning god is with us.Girl
Emmlynsomeone who works really hard.Girl
Emmya laborious, hard working and industrious person.Girl
Engeleisiakind like an angel.Girl
Enjoliextremely prettyGirl
Enorathis name means honour.Girl
Erembourca French mythological character who rides shadows.Unisex
Ermineweasel or Armenian mouse.Girl
Ermynea French word meaning weasel or an Armenian mouse.Girl
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