36 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FabianneA weoman who grows beansGirl
FabienneA lady of the bean farmGirl
FaeA confident woman who believes in herselfGirl
FanchonOne with freedomGirl
FancyA free womanGirl
FanniaDiminutive of francesGirl
FantinaOne who acts like a childGirl
FatoumataA woman who abstainsGirl
FaunaA fawn, a young deerGirl
FauniaA fawn-like womanGirl
FauveOne wild like a wild landsGirl
FayetteA pettite, little fairy womanGirl
FelicityA woman with good luck and fortuneGirl
FemmaShe is the peaceGirl
FerdinandaA woman on a brave journeyGirl
FernandeAn adventurous travelerGirl
FifiOne who will add. Fifi is short for JosephineGirl
FiliciaGood fortune and happinessGirl
FirozaTurquoise, a semi-precious stoneGirl
FirozeAn undefeatable person; Also means thegem TurquoiseGirl
FitzadamLiterally means "the son of Adam"Girl
FizanA flurry of wind or breeze; Can also mean eminence and popularityGirl
FlannRepresents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of redGirl
FleridaA cheerful and high-spirited womanGirl
FlorettaMade of 'Flora'; it represents a flowerGirl
FloriIt means 'to flower or to blossom'Girl
FloriaA variant of Latin 'Florence' which refers to 'flowering'Girl
FlorianaA variation of 'Florence' which symbolizes 'blossoming'Girl
FlorianeThe stage of blooming and comes from the Latin word 'Florence'Girl
FlorianoItalian variation of the name "Florian' meaning 'to flower or blossom'Girl
FloridaEssentially means a bloom or a flower; flowering EasterGirl
FlorineA variation of Latin name 'Flora', this also symbolises 'blossoms'Girl
FlurEssentially, it means a flower or a bloomGirl
FountainLiterally translates to a fountain or spring; derived from French word 'Fontane' or Latin 'Fontana'Girl
FrancineAlternant of 'Francina', the name means 'from France' or a free personGirl
FrancoiseFeminine word for "Francois", it refers to a woman who has French rootsGirl
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