67 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JadeHebrew - Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name JadonUnisex
Julesthe word means youthful. They are calm, simple and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.Unisex
JacalynShe who is a supplanterGirl
JacelynOne who will be protected by GodGirl
JacelynnYahweh may portect herGirl
JacinthaShe who smells like a hyacinth flowerGirl
JacintheA woman who smells lowely, like a hyacinth flowerGirl
JackelynShe who believes God is her protectorGirl
JackquelinMay God protect herGirl
JaclinGod may guard herGirl
JacqueleenShe may be guarded by GodGirl
JacquelinGod is protecting herGirl
JacquelineGod covers and protectsGirl
JacquelynHebrew - Supplanter; May god Protect; A variant of Jacqueline; Feminine form of James and JacobGirl
JacquelyneGod takes care and protectsGirl
JacquelynnShe who is cared and protected by GodGirl
JacquettaA little one who God may protectGirl
JacquetteA little girl who might be under gods protectionGirl
JacquiA girl who is a supplanterGirl
JacquieA woman who supplantsGirl
JacquilynShe who takes the place of anotherGirl
JacqulineA girl who takes other's placeGirl
JacqulynA young woman who takes the place of anotherGirl
JaklenaTo seaize by the heelGirl
JaklynShe seazed Him by the hee;Girl
JanaeGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
JaneGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
JanetGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
JannineGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
JaquitaA supplanterGirl
JaslynA plant name, JasminGirl
JasminA name of the flowerGirl
JasmynA name of the flowerGirl
JeanettaGod is full of mercy and grace.Girl
JeanneGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
JehaneGod is merciful forever.Girl
JehanneGod has shown his tender mercy upon me.Girl
JenavaOf the woman raceGirl
JenesseA gentle or a soft ladyGirl
JeslynBlessed with wealth and beautyGirl
JessicaamyA beloved person beholden by GodGirl
JoannaHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; God has shown mercy; A variant form of JaneGirl
JocelynJocelyn name means Someone who is a member of a Gauts TribeGirl
JodelleThe lord is gracious,God,salvation,means last name,reliable,honest.Girl
JoeleneGod is merciful and linient in french meaning is pretty, beauty,Girl
JohanneGod has favoured ,he is merciful benovlent ,kind and graciousGirl
JoiJoi name means RejoicingGirl
Joieoriginated from the word means pretty, gorgeous and rejoicingGirl
Joleighcreative and adventuorous type of persons. They easily get bore and love changes. They are staright forward and easily make their life decisions.Girl
Jolenait means God will increase and well established. People with this name are cheerful and flexible in nature. They easily adopt changes in life and never regret their decisions.Girl
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