128 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

ManonDiminutive form of Marie which is a variant of Mary which means bitterGirl
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearGirl
Ma�lysA princess, one who is preminentGirl
MabelOld French - Lovely; To Love; My Beautiful One; A shortening of the Spanish name María IsabelGirl
MabellaOld French - Lovely; To Love; My Beautiful One; A variant of MabelGirl
MabelleMy beautiful oneGirl
MabilA lovely oneGirl
MacellaShe who is warlikeGirl
MachellVariation of Michelle which means Which is like GodGirl
MacynOld French - Mason; Stone worker; Maker; A variant of MasonGirl
MadaleneA woman from MagdalaGirl
MadeleineHebrew - Of Magdala; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadelineHebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadieTower, one who lives in a towerGirl
MadieuGod is mineGirl
MadlinA tall towerGirl
MaeA bitteness, bitter pearlGirl
MaebelOne who s lovely, easy to loveGirl
MaeceaA weapon, French version of MacyGirl
MaelieA princessGirl
MaelynFrench name meaning princessGirl
MaelynnGoddess of spring growthGirl
MaevaFrench name describing a girl who is intoxicatingGirl
MagalieA woman who is like a pearlGirl
MagnoliaFrom The Flower; Name of FlowerGirl
MaineFrench word for mainlandUnisex
MajoriA girl pure and pretty as a pearlGirl
MajorieShe is pretty like a pearlGirl
MalarieThe unfortunate, unlucky oneGirl
MalleryOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; It is a spelling variant of MalloryGirl
MalleyUnhappy, unlucky oneGirl
MalloreyOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; War CounselorGirl
MaloreeA person who desn't have luckGirl
MalorieOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; War CounselorGirl
MamaineAn interesting person who is from the mainlandGirl
ManetteShe who is bitter, ful of bitternessGirl
MaralynnDiminutive form of Marie which is a variant of Mary which means bitterGirl
MarcelaA woman sho is strong like a hammerGirl
MarcelineA young warriorGirl
MarcelleA woman who is a warrior at heartGirl
MarchelineShe is a warriorGirl
MarchesaA french title, a wife of MarcheseGirl
MardiFrench - Born on Tuesday; Aramaic - LadyGirl
MardieShe who is born on TuesdayGirl
MardyOne who is Tuesday-bornGirl
MaresaA pregnant motherGirl
MargauxOld Greek - Pearl; A variation of the name MargaretGirl
MargeauxFrench name meaning pearlGirl
MargerieFrench name meaning daisy flowerGirl
MargeryOne who is as lovely as a pearlGirl
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