23 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter P

PanchaA free and independent personGirl
PansyA beautiful flower; the language of flowerGirl
ParrishA habitational name; a guardian and loyal personUnisex
PatriceA noble patrician being; clear sightedUnisex
PatriciaNoble WomanGirl
PauieOne who is the little one and younger beingGirl
PauleA humble natured person; variant of paulGirl
PaulineA variant of Paulus; a younger beingGirl
PawlaA compassionate and complex individualGirl
PayneRustic villager; A variation of the name PayenGirl
PerenelleFeminine form of name PetronilleGirl
PeridotBirthstone; Yellow Green Gem; Precious StoneGirl
PerleEnglish - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of PearlGirl
PerrineOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra; A diminutive of PerrinGirl
PetitName for a small personGirl
PetronilleOne who is like a rockGirl
PeysonLittle Rock; A feminine form of PeterGirl
PhillipsA lover of horses; to love from the heartGirl
PhilomeneA person who is loved and nurturedGirl
PierretteOne who is similar to a rock or stoneGirl
PlattOne who comes from the flat landsUnisex
PleasanceOne who brings pleasureGirl
PrimeveireFrench - Primrose; Spanish - Springtime and in Latin it means born at the beginning of SpringGirl
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