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62 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

Sacha The defender an helper of men Unisex
Salome She who gives peace Girl
Sara Princess Girl
Sarah Princess Girl
Sasha A helper and defender of mankind Unisex
Satine One whois smooth and shiny Girl
Saverine She who is stern Girl
Savon Soap maker Unisex
Selena Moon goddess Girl
Seychelle The beautiful shells of the sea Girl
Shanelle Channel Girl
Shannel One who lives near a channel Girl
Shannelle One who comes from the channel Girl
Shantal A woman made of stone Girl
Shante Stony place Unisex
Shantel Stony place Unisex
Shantell Stony place Unisex
Shantelle A woman who is like a stone Girl
Shanton A woman who sings Girl
Sharalyn A very dear woman Girl
Sharita A dear person who is beloved by all Girl
Sherece French name meaning cherry Girl
Sheree She who is very dear, darling Girl
Shereena A dear woman Girl
Sherelle A beloved woman Girl
Sheril Darling woman Girl
Sherita One who is the dearest Girl
Sherrey A darling girl Girl
Sherrica French name meaning cherry Girl
Sheryl Dear one Unisex
Shonda A woman who is like a stone Girl
Shontelle She who builds with stones Girl
Silvie Variation of Sylvia which means From the forest Girl
Simone One who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in Italy Unisex
Simonne One who listens well Girl
Sinclaire A name of a prayer, one who prays Unisex
Sindhi One who is like a little cinders Girl
Sirène She who is like a mermaid Girl
Soazig One who comes from France Girl
Sofia Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman Girl
Sojourner One who stays for a while Girl
Solange She who is a religious woman Girl
Solène She who is religious. Girl
Soleine A woman with solemnity Girl
Solene With Solemnity Girl
Soleste A woman who is heavenly Girl
Sollemnia One who is very religious Girl
Sophia She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom Girl
Sophie She is wise and clever Girl
Spencer Dispenser of provisions Unisex
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