62 French Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SachaThe defender an helper of menUnisex
SalomeShe who gives peaceGirl
SashaA helper and defender of mankindUnisex
SatineOne whois smooth and shinyGirl
SaverineShe who is sternGirl
SavonSoap makerUnisex
SelenaMoon goddessGirl
SeychelleThe beautiful shells of the seaGirl
ShannelOne who lives near a channelGirl
ShannelleOne who comes from the channelGirl
ShantalA woman made of stoneGirl
ShanteStony placeUnisex
ShantelStony placeUnisex
ShantellStony placeUnisex
ShantelleA woman who is like a stoneGirl
ShantonA woman who singsGirl
SharalynA very dear womanGirl
SharitaA dear person who is beloved by allGirl
ShereceFrench name meaning cherryGirl
ShereeShe who is very dear, darlingGirl
ShereenaA dear womanGirl
SherelleA beloved womanGirl
SherilDarling womanGirl
SheritaOne who is the dearestGirl
SherreyA darling girlGirl
SherricaFrench name meaning cherryGirl
SherylDear oneUnisex
ShondaA woman who is like a stoneGirl
ShontelleShe who builds with stonesGirl
SilvieVariation of Sylvia which means From the forestGirl
SimoneOne who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in ItalyUnisex
SimonneOne who listens wellGirl
SinclaireA name of a prayer, one who praysUnisex
SindhiOne who is like a little cindersGirl
SirèneShe who is like a mermaidGirl
SoazigOne who comes from FranceGirl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SojournerOne who stays for a whileGirl
SolangeShe who is a religious womanGirl
SolèneShe who is religious.Girl
SoleineA woman with solemnityGirl
SoleneWith SolemnityGirl
SolesteA woman who is heavenlyGirl
SollemniaOne who is very religiousGirl
SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
SophieShe is wise and cleverGirl
SpencerDispenser of provisionsUnisex
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