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Frisians are the inhabitants of Frisia, an area located on the Northern coast of Germany and the Netherlands. There might not be a significant number of Frisian speakers, 500,000 to be precise, yet Frisian is a recognized language in Europe.

Being different from most of the European language, traditional Frisian names are distinctive. But since a majority of Frisians is now living in the Dutch portion of Frisia, we’re seeing an influx of Frisian baby names as well.

Until the 19th century, Patronymics were customary in Frisia, which means the child had to use his father’s name as his second or last name. This led to a change in the family name with every generation. It was in the first half of the 19th century that Napoleon passed a law for permanent Frisian surnames or family names. But after the cease of the French reign, the Frisians returned to their patronymic naming system, except a few. Again, in 1829, Hanover’s royal government decreed the usage of permanent family names. Present Frisians continue to follow this convention.

Below is MomJunction's thorough list of Frisian baby names, both contemporary and traditional, along with their meanings.

AfkeAppears in FrieslandGirl
AletteFrisian form of Adelheid, meaning noble.Girl
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AntinaHe (God) was graciousGirl
AntineA form of Antina, meaning He (God) was gracious.Girl
BodeeHe who is God's messengerBoy
BothoA form of Botha, meaning messengerBoy
BramOne who is the father of many childrenBoy
DaanGod is a judgeBoy
DiethardHe who is brave and courageousBoy
DukoDuko is derived from Doede, meaning a famous wolf.Boy
EdeA noble and kind hearted individualGirl
EibeShining swordBoy
EitelShining swordBoy
EltjeOf noble kindGirl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
Enean eagle; in Frisian it is masculine but in Estonian it is feminine.Unisex
Esea Frisian word meaning god.Boy
Esegara word used for referring to God.Boy
Evalife or living one.Girl
EviOne who breathes and livesGirl
FamkeLittle girlGirl
FenjaPeace, protection, safetyGirl
FenneA form of Fenja, meaning peace and protectionGirl
FennekePeace, protection, safetyGirl
FieteFrisian form of Frederick, meaning peace.Boy
FinnA 'fair' or 'white' personBoy
FokkoFolk, war bandBoy
GeritFrisian variation of Gerhard, meaning strong spearBoy
GesaSpear, strength, powerGirl
GescheFrisian form of Gertrude, meaning spear, strength, powerGirl
GesinaFrisian form of Gertrude, meaning spear, strength, powerGirl
HaukeMind, spiritBoy
HeilkeHealthy and safeGirl
ImkeA form of Imka, meaning Imke.Girl
ImmeFrisian form of Irmgard, meaning universal, or fenceGirl
JelkeFrisian form of Julius, meaning dedicated to JupiterBoy
JelmerNoble, honorableBoy
JelteFrisian form of William, meaning will, desire, helmet, protectionBoy
JescaFrisian form of Jessica, meaning He (God) beholds.Girl
JorinaFrisian form of Gregoria, meaning the watchfulGirl
JuliaLatin - Jupiter's Child; Julia is Youthful, DownyGirl
KenoTribe or clanBoy
KlaesThe victory of the peopleBoy
LeviPerson who is attached or pleadgedBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
LuukFrom Loukas, means a person from LucaniaBoy
MeikoStrength, power, courageBoy
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearGirl
MilanIn Hindi it means the unison. In Slavic it means Gracious, kind personBoy
NienkeFrisian form of Katherine. It means pure.Girl
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
OkkeStrength and ferocity of a horn.Boy
OlbertFamous for his inheritanceBoy
SedemaidenAn unmarried young woman from the day of victoryGirl
SedemayThe servant of the victory dayBoy
SemA son of NoahBoy
SiebeA variant of Sebe, meaning victory.Boy
SilkeFrisian for of Cecily. It means blind.Girl
SophieShe is wise and cleverGirl
SwantjeFrisian form of Schwanhilde. It means swan.Girl
SylkeSylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind.Girl
TalejaOf a noble kindGirl
TammoHe who is famous, well-knownBoy
ThadeRuler of the peopleBoy
TiboFrisian word for peopleBoy
TjaardHe who is braveBoy
TjalfPeople of offspringBoy
TjarkRuler of the peopleBoy
TjarkoRuler of the people. It's a variant of Tjark.Boy
UlfertProtector of the inheritanceBoy
UwePoint, edgeBoy
WalravenRuler or ravenBoy
WibeFight, battle or warBoy
WibekeFight, battle or warGirl
WibkeSpelling variation of Wibeke. It means fight or battle.Girl
WiebeA form of Wibe, meaning battle or war.Boy
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