390 Gaelic Baby Names With Meanings

Naming your baby is the first major decision that you will make for your child. But it can get really daunting at times. Whether you should pick names that have a beautiful meaning or go with your instinct and pick the name that you love. But if you’re looking for Gaelic baby names, MomJunction can help you.

Being a branch of Irish, Gaelic is one of the top three languages spoken in Ireland today. Gaelic baby names, spread across the beautiful British Isles, have a timeless, magical, and musical feel to them, which explains their position at the top of name lists. These names have their origin in Gaels or Goidels, an ethnolinguistic group dominating in the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

A typical Gaelic name consists of a given name and a surname. These names are often nativized, which means made to fit the Gaelic sound system. The surnames are patronymic, which means they refer to the ancestor of a family. Also, the surname varies according to the bearer’s gender.

Below is our extensive list of Gaelic baby names for you to choose from, along with the meanings. Almost all of these names are traditional and associated with legends and mythology.

AdaireWealthy spear or oak groveBoy
AdareOne who belongs to the oak tree fordBoy
AdenHandsome, adornedBoy
AilbeCeltic: White; A variant of the name is AilbheBoy
Ailfrydelf or magical counselBoy
AiliueDiminutive of AilisGirl
AinsleyFrom Ann's meadowGirl
AlanHandsome; one who is like a stone; nobleBoy
AlannaForm of Alana; filled with beauty and serenityGirl
AlastarDefending men; a form of AlexanderBoy
AllanaghA variant form of name Alana which means precious, serene; Fair Maiden; Beautiful MaidenGirl
AngisA strong and masculine manBoy
AonghasCeltic - One Choice; A variant of name is AngusBoy
ArlanGaelic - A Pledge; Old Norse - Foreigner, Stranger; A variant of name ArienBoy
ArlandGaelic - A Pledge; A variant of name ArienBoy
AvenIniquity; Force; Riches; Sorrow; Gaelic - Powerful RiverBoy
BainbridgeOne who lives by the bridge near streamBoy
BainbrydgeOne who lives bear white waterBoy
BanagherPointed HillBoy
BaranGaelic - Noble Warrior; Russian - Ram; Forceful; Virile; Teutonic - Noble FighterBoy
BayrdOne who Sings BalladsBoy
BeaganLittle one.Boy
BeathanLife, existanceBoy
BlairField Or PlainGirl
Bowit means a small son. it is a diminutive of the name "Bowden"Boy
Boydone with yellow hairBoy
BradenOne who is as sleek as a salmonBoy
BradeneOne who is as sleek as a salmon; alternate spelling for "Braden"Boy
BreandanOne who is brave, not afraid of any sort of dangerBoy
BreenaAn imaginary fairy landgirl
BrendaA sharp weapon; a swordSelect Gender
BrendinPrince; the heir of the kingBoy
BrodyA secon-bornBoy
BuchananIrish Gaelic - House of the canonBoy
CaydranThe spirit of the battleBoy
CaydrenOne who is in the spirit fo battleBoy
CeiliThe one who is slender and a descendant of CaollaidheUnisex
CerieIt's a made up name; delicate bird's whistleGirl
ChayA fairy taleUnisex
ChevauneThe gracious GodGirl
CiarranOne who is dark and duskyGirl
CiorstaidhOne who is a follower of Jesus ChristGirl
ClearyHighly educated; scholar; learned; knowledgeable; culturedBoy
ClellDescendant of the wolf familyBoy
ClunieOne who hails from the grasslands or meadowsBoy
CodieThe son of Oda, from the Oda clanGirl
ColeenFemale; a young woman; a ladyGirl
CollanA young Boy who is attractive, handsome and good lookingBoy
ConlanHero; one who is courageous and is admired by everyoneBoy
ConorOne who is strong willed and has high desires for himselfBoy
ConroyPersistent knowledge in all aspects; a wise person who has knowledge in every fieldBoy
CoreyA boiling, frothing, foaming poolBoy
CoriA turbulent, boiling pool filled with foamBoy
CorwinA very close friend who is close to the heartBoy
CoulterFoal; Playful; Energetic; Part of a ploughBoy
CowellDescendants od Pictish people; Also a lace in the Highland region of ScottishBoy
CraigIt is origanted from Gaelic origin meaning Bumpy and rocks.Boy
CrayProductive; Creative; In Gaelic it means rough and bumpy rocksBoy
CrightonDerived from "Creighton" meaning lives at a rocky place,near a borderBoy
CronanSlightly dark one; Could refer to "Dark brown"Boy
CrossCross or the CrucifixBoy
CulkinUilcin's sonBoy
CullenHandsome boyBoy
CullinGood looking manBoy
CullyThe one who dwells in the WoodBoy
CunninghamVillage with Milk; leaderBoy
CurraSpear; HeroBoy
CurranA daggerBoy
CurrieA dagger; HeroBoy
CurrinVariant of CurranBoy
CurryA sharp daggerBoy
DaceOne from the South; nobleBoy
DaceyThe one from noble backgroundBoy
DaciaThe one from SouthGirl
DaegDaylight; first thing of the morningBoy
DaeganHairy and blackBoy
DagenThe one who is dark-hairedBoy
DalasMeadow; houseBoy
DallThe wise oneBoy
DalyTogether foreverBoy
DaranGreat personality masterBoy
DarceThe dark oneBoy
DarenGreat and powerfulBoy
DaricOak heartedBoy
DarickStrong personBoy
DarraWisdom; Oak treeGirl
DarranA great and superior individualBoy
DarrbieThe one who is free from hatred and envyBoy
DarrickStrong oneBoy
DarrinA unique and great individualBoy
DarrochStrong heartedBoy
DarrynVariant of DarrenBoy
DarthulaBeautiful eyesGirl
DarynGreat personBoy
DayleValley; an assemblyUnisex
DeaganA dark-black haired guyBoy
DearanA great solitary being; quiet oneBoy
DedraA steady, raging and versatile beingGirl
DeeganA black-haired personBoy
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