400 Gaelic Baby Names With Meanings


Naming your baby is the first major decision that you will make for your child. However, this task can get daunting sometimes, and you could be baffled by the countless choices. But if you're looking for Gaelic baby names, we can help you. Derived from Irish roots, Gaelic stands as one of the prominent languages in modern Ireland, ranking among the top spoken languages in the country. With a pervasive presence across the stunning British Isles, Gaelic baby names exude an enduring and melodic essence, frequently securing their prominent status on naming charts. These names originate in Gaels or Goidels, an ethnolinguistic group dominating the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. A typical Gaelic name consists of a given name and a surname. These names are often nativized, which means made to fit the Gaelic sound system. The surnames are patronymic, meaning they refer to a family's ancestor. Also, the surname varies according to the bearer's gender. Across centuries, the Gaels have witnessed myriad cultural influences from encounters with various societies. These diverse cultural waves fused into a rich blend of traditions due to the influx of multiple traditions and cultures. The successive conquests, and the evolution of customs, influenced the Gaelic naming conventions, which is being passed down to the new generation. English and Scottish people have used many Gaelic baby names, making it challenging to classify them as Irish or Scottish Gaelic names. However, some baby names specific to the Gaelic-speaking region were adapted into English spellings. Like other cultures have nicknames, Gaels, too, choose endearing short names, often based on their physical traits, professions, places, or significant life moments. Discover a rich collection of Gaelic baby names from our list, each with a meaningful story drawn from legends and mythology.

heart image Adaire Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealthy spear or oak grove
heart image Adare Baby Boy Sign Boy One who belongs to the oak tree ford
heart image Aden Baby Boy Sign Boy Little fire
heart image Ailbe Baby Boy Sign Boy Celtic: White; A variant of the name Ailbhe
heart image Ailen Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome
heart image Ailfryd Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf; Magical counsel
heart image Ailiue Baby Girl Sign Girl Diminutive of Ailis
heart image Ainsley Baby Girl Sign Girl Solitary clearing; One's own meadow
heart image Alan Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome; Little rock; Noble
heart image Alanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Form of Alana; Filled with beauty and serenity
heart image Alastar Baby Boy Sign Boy Defending men; A form of Alexander
heart image Alastor Baby Boy Sign Boy Avenger or vengeful spirit
heart image Allanagh Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Alana; Precious; Serene; Fair abd beautiful maiden
heart image Angis Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong and masculine man
heart image Aonghas Baby Boy Sign Boy One Choice; A variant of name is Angus
heart image Arlan Baby Boy Sign Boy Pledge; Oath
heart image Arland Baby Boy Sign Boy A Pledge; A variant of name Arien
heart image Aven Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful; Pleasant
heart image Bainbridge Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lives by the bridge near a stream
heart image Bainbrydge Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lives nearwhite water
heart image Banagher Baby Boy Sign Boy Pointed Hill
heart image Baran Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble warrior; Ram; Forceful; Virile; Noble fighter
heart image Bayrd Baby Boy Sign Boy One who Sings Ballads
heart image Beagan Baby Boy Sign Boy Little one
heart image Beathan Baby Boy Sign Boy Life; Existence
heart image Blair Baby Girl Sign Girl Field; Plain
heart image Bow Baby Boy Sign Boy The small son; Diminutive of the name Bowden
heart image Boyd Baby Boy Sign Boy One with yellow hair
heart image Braden Baby Boy Sign Boy Broad valley; Brave
heart image Bradene Baby Boy Sign Boy Sleek as a salmon; Alternate spelling for Braden
heart image Breandan Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave; Fearless
heart image Breena Baby Girl Sign Girl Imaginary fairyland
heart image Brenda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Blade of a sword; Fiery sword
heart image Brendin Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince
heart image Brody Baby Boy Sign Boy Broad island; Ditch; Muddy place
heart image Buchanan Baby Boy Sign Boy House of the Canon
heart image Caeleigh Baby Girl Sign Girl Slender
heart image Caydran Baby Boy Sign Boy The spirit of the battle
heart image Caydren Baby Boy Sign Boy One with the spirit of battle
heart image Ceanna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautiful head
heart image Ceili Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The one who is slender and a descendant of Caollaidhe
heart image Ceilidh Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A traditional social gathering
heart image Cerie Baby Girl Sign Girl A delicate bird's whistle
heart image Chay Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A fairy tale
heart image Chevaune Baby Girl Sign Girl The gracious God
heart image Ciarran Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is dark and dusky
heart image Ciorstaidh Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Cleary Baby Boy Sign Boy Highly educated; scholar; learned; knowledgeable; cultured
heart image Clell Baby Boy Sign Boy Descendant of the wolf family
heart image Clunie Baby Boy Sign Boy One who hails from the grasslands or meadows
heart image Codie Baby Girl Sign Girl The son of Oda; From the Oda clan
heart image Coleen Baby Girl Sign Girl Female; a young woman; a lady
heart image Collan Baby Boy Sign Boy A young boy who is attractive, handsome, and good looking
heart image Conlan Baby Boy Sign Boy Hero; one who is courageous and is admired by everyone
heart image Conor Baby Boy Sign Boy Dog; Wolf
heart image Conroy Baby Boy Sign Boy Persistent knowledge in all aspects; A wise person who has knowledge in every field
heart image Corey Baby Boy Sign Boy Cauldron; Curly haired
heart image Cori Baby Boy Sign Boy A turbulent, boiling pool filled with foam
heart image Corwin Baby Boy Sign Boy Leather; Someone from Cordova
heart image Coulter Baby Boy Sign Boy Foal; Playful; Energetic; Part of a plough
heart image Cowell Baby Boy Sign Boy Descendants of Pictish people; A place in the Highland region of Scotland
heart image Craig Baby Boy Sign Boy Rock; Rocky
heart image Cray Baby Boy Sign Boy Productive; Creative; Rough and bumpy rocks
heart image Crighton Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from Creighton meaning lives at a rocky place; Near a border
heart image Cronan Baby Boy Sign Boy Slightly dark one; Dark brown
heart image Cross Baby Boy Sign Boy Cross or the Crucifix
heart image Culkin Baby Boy Sign Boy Uilcin's son
heart image Cullen Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome; Young hound; Son of the holy one
heart image Cullin Baby Boy Sign Boy Good-looking man
heart image Cully Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who dwells in the wood
heart image Cunningham Baby Boy Sign Boy Village with Milk; leader
heart image Curra Baby Boy Sign Boy Spear; Hero
heart image Curran Baby Boy Sign Boy A dagger
heart image Currie Baby Boy Sign Boy A dagger; Hero
heart image Currin Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Curran
heart image Curry Baby Boy Sign Boy A sharp dagger
heart image Dace Baby Boy Sign Boy One from the South; noble
heart image Dacey Baby Boy Sign Boy The one from a noble background
heart image Dacia Baby Girl Sign Girl The one from the south
heart image Daeg Baby Boy Sign Boy Daylight; first thing of the morning
heart image Daegan Baby Boy Sign Boy Hairy and black
heart image Dagen Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is dark-haired
heart image Dalas Baby Boy Sign Boy Meadow; house
heart image Dall Baby Boy Sign Boy The wise one
heart image Dallie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Delicate
heart image Daly Baby Boy Sign Boy Together forever
heart image Daran Baby Boy Sign Boy Great personality master
heart image Darce Baby Boy Sign Boy The dark one
heart image Daren Baby Boy Sign Boy Oak tree; Great
heart image Daric Baby Boy Sign Boy Oak hearted
heart image Darick Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong person
heart image Darra Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom; Oak tree
heart image Darran Baby Boy Sign Boy A great and superior individual
heart image Darrbie Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is free from hatred and envy
heart image Darrick Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong one
heart image Darrin Baby Boy Sign Boy Great; Oak tree; Gift
heart image Darroch Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong hearted
heart image Darryn Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Darren
heart image Darthula Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful eyes
heart image Daryn Baby Boy Sign Boy Great person
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Gaelic baby names are rich in symbolic meaning, typically inspired by nature, mythology, and history. They offer a world of possibilities, paving the way for a future filled with affection, joy, and cherished moments. Whether you are looking for a name reflecting grace, strength, or both, these wide ranges of options shine like undiscovered gems with profound meanings and historical roots. We hope you uncover the perfect Gaelic name for your precious little one.

Infographic: Outstanding Gaelic Names For Your Baby

Numerous figures, myths, and tales from Gaelic cultures offer abundant inspiration for baby names. Gaelic names are unique, lending them a remarkable charm; this can be a desirable attribute many parents may expect from a baby name. Explore our infographic featuring a collection of captivating Gaelic baby names.

outstanding gaelic names for your baby (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Gaelic name means precious?

Gaelic names associated with the meaning 'precious' include Keavy, referring to someone precious or beloved, and Caoimhe or Caomh, meaning dear, beloved, or gentle.

2. What is the significance of using Gaelic names for babies?

Gaelic names often act as windows to their diverse blend of Scottish and Irish culture and traditions. Thus, these names can help preserve and honor the heritage while offering individuality due to their distinctive sound or pronunciation. Moreover, Gaelic names have rich symbolism due to their association with mythology, cultural references, and history.

3. What are some famous people with Gaelic names?

Some famous people with Gaelic names include Saoirse Ronan, the acclaimed Irish actress who graces the screen with her Golden Globe Award-winning performances. Additionally, Niamh Cusack, a beloved Irish actress, enthralls audiences with her captivating performances, and Eoin Colfer, one of the bestselling Irish authors, paints vibrant worlds with his vivid imagination.

4. What is the meaning of the name Aiden in Gaelic?

The Gaelic name Aiden carries the meaning of little fire or fiery one. It originates from the Irish name Aodhán, a diminutive form of Aodh that represents the concept of fire or burning.

5. What are some Gaelic baby names with historical significance?

Gaelic baby names carry a rich historical significance rooted in ancient Celtic culture. Some notable examples include Aodh, derived from the Celtic god of fire, representing divine energy and power (1). And Fionnuala, rooted in Irish mythology, signifies a white shoulder. It was the name of one of the four children of King Lir, who were all turned into swans by their stepmother (2).

6. What are some gender-neutral or unisex Gaelic baby names?

Some Gaelic baby names that are gender-neutral or unisex include Finley, which means fair warrior, Quinn, which refers to a wise counsel; and Rowan, derived from the rowan tree known for its associations with protection and healing.

7. What are some Gaelic baby names that are suitable for twins?

The Gaelic name pair Eilidh and Ailis, which mean bright and noble, respectively, may offer a suitable choice for twins. Another option could be Finn and Aoibhinn, which means blessed and delightful. Lastly, there are Eamon and Seamus, meaning guardian and supplanter, respectively.


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