159 Gaelic Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Gaelic baby girl names are unique and appealing in their own right. It is considered to be the founding language of Scotland and its origins can be traced back to the 10th Century (1). Gaelic language is usually spoken by the Gales who are the indigenous inhabitants of Ireland and Scotland. Gaelic is a group of Celtic languages that comprises Irish, Manx, and Scottish. Though the Gales occupied a small piece of land compared to the mainland, they have played an important part in the history of the nation. Over the centuries, Gaelish culture has been influenced by other cultures that they came in contact with. One of the oldest influences can be traced back to the time of Vikings who conquered and settled among the Gales and led to the formation of the Norse Gaels. Another major influence was after the invasion of Anglo-Normans.

All of these influxes and invasions led to an amalgamation of traditions and cultures. All of the subsequent conquests and invasions lead to modifications of the traditions and customs which had a strong impact on the naming system and the names that were adopted. The Gales were strong and rugged people who scratched a living off the land. They lived in close proximity to nature and even practiced nature worship long before the spread of Christianity. This reverence for nature reflects on the Gaelic names as well.

The Gales are known for their thick accent, kilts, pale skin, icy blue eyes, and pale or red hair. Some of the names that they bestowed upon their children were also self-explanatory and were often based on the physical traits of the child. Some popular Gaelic baby girl names that are still in use are Rosina meaning ‘woman who is like a little rose,’ Ciarran meaning ‘one who is dark and dusky,’ and Darthula meaning ‘beautiful eyes.’ Check out this comprehensive list of names and save a few for future reference.

heart image Ainsley Baby Girl Sign Girl Solitary clearing; One's own meadow
heart image Alanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Form of Alana; Filled with beauty and serenity
heart image Blair Baby Girl Sign Girl Field; Plain
heart image Kennedi Baby Girl Sign Girl Helmet on the head
heart image Kennedy Baby Girl Sign Girl Helmeted head
heart image Kyleigh Baby Girl Sign Girl Boomerang
heart image Rosina Baby Girl Sign Girl Famous or renowned rose
heart image Ailiue Baby Girl Sign Girl Diminutive of Ailis
heart image Allanagh Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Alana; Precious; Serene; Fair abd beautiful maiden
heart image Breena Baby Girl Sign Girl Imaginary fairyland
heart image Caeleigh Baby Girl Sign Girl Slender
heart image Ceanna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautiful head
heart image Ceili Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The one who is slender and a descendant of Caollaidhe
heart image Ceilidh Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A traditional social gathering
heart image Cerie Baby Girl Sign Girl A delicate bird's whistle
heart image Chay Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A fairy tale
heart image Chevaune Baby Girl Sign Girl The gracious God
heart image Ciarran Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is dark and dusky
heart image Ciorstaidh Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Codie Baby Girl Sign Girl The son of Oda; From the Oda clan
heart image Coleen Baby Girl Sign Girl Female; a young woman; a lady
heart image Dacia Baby Girl Sign Girl The one from the south
heart image Dallie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Delicate
heart image Darra Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom; Oak tree
heart image Darthula Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful eyes
heart image Dayle Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Valley; an assembly
heart image Dedra Baby Girl Sign Girl A steady, aging, and versatile being
heart image Deidra Baby Girl Sign Girl Sorrowful one; Broken-hearted
heart image Delanie Baby Girl Sign Girl From the alder grove
heart image Donalda Baby Girl Sign Girl Masters who rule many
heart image Donia Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who rules everybody
heart image Dorene Baby Girl Sign Girl Stady worker; blonde person
heart image Dymphna Baby Girl Sign Girl A little eligible person; Little poet
heart image Dympna Baby Girl Sign Girl A little person who is good-natured
heart image Ealasaid Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is devoted to God and humanity
heart image Eilidh Baby Girl Sign Girl One who emits light
heart image Eireann Baby Girl Sign Girl Ireland land; one who belongs from Ireland
heart image Eireen Baby Girl Sign Girl A peace-loving and humble-natured being
heart image Emer Baby Girl Sign Girl Swift
heart image Emeria Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone who is from the North with great beauty and honour
heart image Erian Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone from Ireland
heart image Erina Baby Girl Sign Girl A feminized form of erin; meaning peace and a poetic way of referring to Ireland
heart image Erinna Baby Girl Sign Girl Ireland
heart image Erinne Baby Girl Sign Girl Ireland
heart image Erline Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl from Ireland
heart image Ethne Baby Girl Sign Girl A Gaelic word for fire
heart image Ethney Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire
heart image Ethnie Baby Girl Sign Girl A feminized word which means fire
heart image Fiachna Baby Girl Sign Girl A raven-like woman
heart image Fian Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Raven
heart image Fineen Baby Girl Sign Girl A light-colored child
heart image Fingal Baby Girl Sign Girl A fair stranger who is powerful
heart image Firas Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A lion; Highly insightful and astute
heart image Giorsal Baby Girl Sign Girl Having grey hair
heart image Glencora Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady of the valley; Heart of the valley
heart image Glynnis Baby Girl Sign Girl From the Glen
heart image Hael Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Halo around the moon
heart image Hormat Baby Girl Sign Girl honor
heart image Isla Baby Girl Sign Girl Island
heart image Jakodi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Oda's child
heart image Kailla Baby Girl Sign Girl Narrow
heart image Kalan Baby Girl Sign Girl Slender, fair
heart image Kaley Baby Girl Sign Girl Delicate; Slender
heart image Kallan Baby Girl Sign Girl Powerful in the battle; The water that flows
heart image Kamrin Baby Girl Sign Girl Crooked nose
heart image Kari Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Black-haired one; Free woman; Strong; Tremendous
heart image Kassidy Baby Girl Sign Girl She is Clever; She who has curly hair
heart image Kassity Baby Girl Sign Girl She is full of love
heart image Kayleigh Baby Girl Sign Girl Fair; Pure; Keeper of the keys
heart image Kaylie Baby Girl Sign Girl Rare beauty; Slender
heart image Keavy Baby Girl Sign Girl She is precious
heart image Keeler Baby Girl Sign Girl She is full of grace and beauty
heart image Keeley Baby Girl Sign Girl Frail
heart image Keena Baby Girl Sign Girl Brave girl or woman
heart image Keeva Baby Girl Sign Girl Gentle; Beautiful
heart image Keheley Baby Girl Sign Girl She is a slender woman
heart image Keiara Baby Girl Sign Girl She has beautiful black hair
heart image Keilee Baby Girl Sign Girl She is a warrior and a fighter
heart image Kellynn Baby Girl Sign Girl Lean; Little
heart image Kenadee Baby Girl Sign Girl Armored head; helmet
heart image Kenedi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Helmeted chief
heart image Kenndra Baby Girl Sign Girl Understanding; Knoweldge
heart image Kennette Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire born
heart image Kenzie Baby Girl Sign Girl Fair; Handsome one
heart image Kiandra Baby Girl Sign Girl Archaic
heart image Kiandre Baby Girl Sign Girl Ancient; Old
heart image Kianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace of God
heart image Kianne Baby Girl Sign Girl Centuries old; Ancient
heart image Kiara Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Shining; A lady with dusk hair
heart image Kirov Baby Girl Sign Girl Black
heart image Kiyle Baby Girl Sign Girl Narrows
heart image Koree Baby Girl Sign Girl The name means Near a Hollow
heart image Koribella Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Koribella is mostly used as a surname, means Holder of the Spear
heart image Kyaire Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Strong; Confident
heart image Kyelle Baby Girl Sign Girl A narrow strait of a water
heart image Leanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Light; To twine around; Beautiful woman
heart image Leslee Baby Girl Sign Girl A holly tree found in the gardens
heart image Lesli Baby Girl Sign Girl A garden where the holly tree grows
heart image Lesly Baby Girl Sign Girl Garden of holly
heart image Liadain Baby Girl Sign Girl A lady of grey hair
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Gaelic baby girl names reflect the country’s rich culture and history. They have a mystical and magical charm to them. Gaelic names are deeply intertwined with the ancient beliefs and traditions of the people of the land. Though these names have had external influences over the years, a strong undertone of the indigenous people can still be seen. Gaelic baby names are often associated with natural elements or the gods and spirits of old. Some names are also associated with the peculiar physical traits of the person. Do check out our extensive list of Gaelic baby girl names and take your pick.

Infographic: Glittering Gaelic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Gaels are the local inhabitants of Ireland and Scotland where their native tongue is Gaelic, a branch of Celtic languages. Gaelic baby names pay homage to the unique and rich traditions of this land. So, do you want to bless your daughter with a Gaelic name? Check out the infographic below as we present such names.

enchanting gaelic names for your daughter (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Gaelic girls' names that mean 'freedom'?

Enda is a Gaelic name that means 'birdlike' or 'one having great freedom of spirit.' In this context, the name symbolizes independence or freedom. Saoirse is another elegant name that means 'liberty' and 'freedom' in Irish Gaelic.

2. What are some Gaelic names that mean 'love'?

Carys is a stylish name derived from the Welsh term caru, which means 'love.' Dafydd is the Welsh form of the name David, which translates to 'uncle' or 'beloved.' Mayra is the Hispanic variant of Myra, which was believed to have been created by rearranging the letters of the Mary, which means 'child that was wished for' or 'beloved.'


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