145 Georgian Baby Names With Meanings

People in Georgia are creative with their naming. Most of their names are unique and rare with slightly tricky pronunciations and unusual spelling. Modern parents pick names that sound good and are influenced by popular culture. Traditional parents, on the other hand, are conservative in their naming choices. They select traditional Christian or Russian names and give their unique Georgian touch to it.

The first Georgian surname to be recorded dates back to the 7th or 8th century. Earlier, the surnames were toponymic or patronymic in nature, or would be derived from social status, title, profession or position. Today, the Georgian surnames are mainly from patronymics and occasionally from toponyms, along with various suffixes. The suffixes used in Georgia vary by the region, with the most common being –shvili, which means child, -dze, which means son, -eli, which means ‘from’, -uri or –uli, which refers to the mountainous region of eastern Georgia and –iani, a surname from the mountainous western Georgia among many.

If you are on the lookout for some beautiful Georgian baby girl and boy names, take a look at our listing below. You’ll surely find some unique and rarely heard names in our baby name tool.

AbigailFather in rejoicingGirl
AidenLittle fire.Unisex
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
CarterA person who uses a cartBoy
CharlotteFeminine form of Charles; freemanGirl
ElijahName of a very famous King and a ProphetBoy
ElizabethOne who provides satisfaction and fullnessGirl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
HarperOld English - Harp player; Harp, Harpar, Harpo and Harpor are few variants of HarperUnisex
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
JacobHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in HebrewBoy
JamesOne who underminesBoy
LiamA worrior of strong willBoy
LoganMan from the hollowBoy
MadisonSon of a mighty warriorBoy
MasonA person who works as a stoneworkerBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
AbraamGeorgian form of Abraham, meaning father of multitudeBoy
AkakiGeorgian form of Akakios, meaning innocentBoy
AleksandreGeorgian form of Alexander It means defending menBoy
AmbrosiGeorgian form of Ambrosios, meaning he who is immortalBoy
AnriGeorgian form of Henry meaning state rulerBoy
AvksentiGeorgian form of Auxentios, meaning to increase or to growBoy
AvtandilHeart or sunshineBoy
AvtoShort form of Avtandil, meaning heart or sunshineBoy
BaadurGeorgian form of Bahadur, meaning hero, warrior or braveBoy
BagratGeorgian form of Bagadata, meaning God givenBoy
BarbareGeorgian form of Barbara, meaning the foreignGirl
BedisaFated to be hereGirl
BesarionWooded valleyBoy
BesoShort form of Besarion, meaning wooded valleyBoy
BolorerdeneCrystal treasureGirl
DarejaniA form of Darejan, meaning uniqueGirl
EkaterineGeorgian form of Katherine, meaning pureGirl
ElisabedGeorgian form of Elizabeth It means God is my oathGirl
ElisoEliso is Georgian form of Elizabeth and means God is an oathGirl
EndzelaSnowdrop flowerGirl
ErekleGeorgian form of Herakleios, meaning glory of HeraBoy
EteriThe name means air in Georgian languageGirl
GabrieliA form of Gabriele, meaning God is my heroGirl
GaiozGeorgian form of Gaius, meaning to rejoiceBoy
GiorgiGeorgian form of George, meaning farmerBoy
GochaOld manBoy
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