145 Georgian Baby Names With Meanings

People in Georgia are creative with their naming. Most of their names are unique and rare with slightly tricky pronunciations and unusual spelling. Modern parents pick names that sound good and are influenced by popular culture. Traditional parents, on the other hand, are conservative in their naming choices. They select traditional Christian or Russian names and give their unique Georgian touch to it.

The first Georgian surname to be recorded dates back to the 7th or 8th century. Earlier, the surnames were toponymic or patronymic in nature, or would be derived from social status, title, profession or position. Today, the Georgian surnames are mainly from patronymics and occasionally from toponyms, along with various suffixes. The suffixes used in Georgia vary by the region, with the most common being –shvili, which means child, -dze, which means son, -eli, which means ‘from’, -uri or –uli, which refers to the mountainous region of eastern Georgia and –iani, a surname from the mountainous western Georgia among many.

If you are on the lookout for some beautiful Georgian baby girl and boy names, take a look at our listing below. You’ll surely find some unique and rarely heard names in our baby name tool.

RevazHe who is wealthy and successfulBoy
RevaziRevazi is a variant of Revaz and means wealthy and successfulBoy
RezikoDiminutive of Revaz, meaning wealthy and successfulBoy
RostomGeorgian form of Rostam It means strong, valiant and braveBoy
RusikoRusiko is also the short form of Rusudan, meaning dayGirl
RuskaShort form of Rusudan, meaning dayGirl
RusudaniVariant of Rusudan, meaning dayGirl
SesiliSesili is a Georgian form of Cecily and means blindGirl
ShukhiaThe light, glowingGirl
SimoniGeorgian variant of Simon, which means he has heardBoy
SopioGeorgian form of Sophia, meaning wisdomGirl
SosoDiminutive of Ioseb, which means he will addBoy
SpartakGeorgian form of Spartacus, which means 'from the city of Sparta'Boy
StepaneGeorgian form of Stephanos, meaning crownBoy
TamariGeorgian variant of Tamar, meaning palm treeGirl
TamazGeorgian form of Tahmasp, meaning strong, brave and valiantBoy
TedoreGeorgian form of Theodore, meaning gift of GodBoy
TemuriGeorgian form of Timur, meaning ironBoy
TengizSea, oceanBoy
TornikeGeorgian form of Τορνικιος Iy means grandchildBoy
TsaroFrom near the village of TsaroGirl
TsisanaOf the skyGirl
TsisiaOf the sky or sky or heavenGirl
TsiuriSky, heavenGirl
ValeriGeorgian form of Valerius It means to be strongBoy
VardoVardo is Georgian word for Rose, commonly used as a female nameGirl
VerikoGeorgian diminutive of Vera, meaning trueGirl
VladimerGeorgian form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous rulerBoy
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
XatiaShe who is flawless like an icon or paintingGirl
ZaalGeorgian form of Zal, meaning albinoBoy
ZakariaGeorgian form of Zechariah, meaning God remembersBoy
ZaurGeorgian form of Zawar, meaning priestBoy
ZurabGeorgian form of Sohrab, meaning illustrious and shine or red waterBoy
ZviadHe who is proud or arrogantBoy
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