1327 German Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Germans observe their naming pattern and culture as with many other countries and traditions. With modernization, these patterns have drifted and as German emigrants who settled in America anglicized their names and more of American versions of German names could be seen. For example, there were more "Henrys" than "Heinrichs," and "Marys" than "Marias."

German naming tradition had a unique feature that was often disrupted by circumstances. So when there was a duplicate name in the pattern, the next name in the pattern was automatically used. Also, if a child died in infancy, his or her name was reused for the next child of the same gender. Similarly, if a spouse died and the surviving spouse remarried and had more children, the names were repeated. This way, half the siblings were with the same names.

Find such unique and interesting German names for your baby boy in the list below.

AlexanderDefender of MankindBoy
BenSon OfBoy
EliasOne who believes Yahweh is the LordBoy
FelixA man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and successBoy
Jonasit means Dove. People with this name are very soft spoken and kind hearted. They love helping others and providing advice to family and friends.Boy
LeonName meaning LionBoy
LouisFrench name meaning Great knight, brave warriorBoy
MaximilianOne who is best of the best, the greatest oneBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
WojciechHe who is happy in battleBoy
Aadnein German language aadne means Eagle, in Norway it is the varient spelling of AdneBoy
AaronMessenger (Hebrew); Enlighted; Mountain of Strength; From the Old Testament, AaronBoy
AartCeltic - Stone; bear; German - Thor; The Eagle ; A variant form of ArthurBoy
AbbeMy Father is Joyful ; A Variant of AbbyBoy
AbbeyFather; My Father is lightBoy
AbbotFather; A Variant of AbbaBoy
AbbottFather,Preist; Father of AbbeyBoy
AbelardOriginated from German language which means resolute and stubbornBoy
AbelinoMeans unsure pet form of AvilaBoy
AbellExhalation of Breath; A Variant of AbelBoy
AbidinHebrew - Father of Knowledge; My Father KnowsBoy
AbieFather of Many; Diminutive of Abraham;Boy
AbijahThe Lord is My Father; Gift of God, Hebrew - Yahweh is my fatherBoy
Abramohigh father; father of a multitudeBoy
AbsalomHebrew meaning God the Father is peaceBoy
AbsalonGod the Father is peaceBoy
AbyFather of multitude or massesBoy
AchazHebrew - God is Holding; One that Takes or PossessesBoy
AchimHebrew - Yahewh will establish; A name variant of Joachim.Boy
AcwulfA wolf from the oak meadowsBoy
AdArabic - Settler; German - Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of AdamBoy
AdaireWealthy spear or oak groveBoy
AdalIn German it means noble, In Arabic it means justiceBoy
AdalbeorhtThe bright shining noble personBoy
AdalbertGermanic (Nobly famous); Noble; Honorable; FamousBoy
AdalbrechtThe bright or posibbily shining noble personBoy
AdalbrechtaA bright noble personBoy
AdalfieriAn oath of a noble personBoy
AdalgarA noble or wealthy spearmanBoy
AdalhardA brave and tough noble personBoy
AdalizA sort of kind or noble personBoy
AdalricA wealthy or rich noble personBoy
AdalrikA noble or kind rulerBoy
AdalwenThe noble companion or friendBoy
AdalwinThe victory of a noble personBoy
AdalwineA friend who is kind and nobleBoy
AdalwolfA noble wolfBoy
AdalwolfaA wolf who is nobleBoy
AdarSyrian - Ruler, Prince; Hebrew - FireBoy
AddaleyAn honourable noble personBoy
AddieVariation, adelaUnisex
AddlerA eagle or a person with the quality of an eagleUnisex
AdeAfrican - Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew - ManBoy
AdelarA fearless noble warriorBoy
Adelardnoble strength in German; A variant of AbelardBoy
AdelbertA shining noble personBoy
AdelbrechtA bright shining noble manBoy
AdelgundAn honourable warriorBoy
AdelgundeA noble and kind warriorBoy
AdelhardA firm and determined personBoy
AdelhildA noble battle or fightBoy
AdelisAn honourable aristocratBoy
AdelizOne who is the most nobleBoy
AdelkyOne with the nobilityBoy
AdelmarA very famous noble personBoy
AdelmundOne who is of noble birth, born nobleBoy
AdelramA dark noble or a noble ravenBoy
AdelredusA red-haired noble personUnisex
AdelricA noble and honourable commanderBoy
AdelrikAn aristocrat commanderBoy
AdemHebrew - Man; Old Greek - Manly; BraveBoy
AdemarOne who is popular for his kindnessBoy
AdieCeltic - Little Fire; Hebrew - Man; Latin - Man from Hadria, dark oneBoy
AdimIn Hebrew - Man; A variant of name AdamBoy
AdimaIn German it means noble. In Sanskrit it means Primitive or originalBoy
AdiranLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdisonA Variant of name Addison, Son of AdamBoy
AdissonSon of AdamBoy
AdkenOaken; A variant of Adkin which means Man in HebrewBoy
AdkinsSon of Aiken; A variant of AdamBoy
AdkynOaken; A variant of Adkin which means Man in HebrewBoy
AdlarThe eagle or the quality of eagleBoy
AdlardA strong or brave nobleBoy
AdlerOne who is like an eagleBoy
AdneThe one who is like an eagleBoy
AdoAwe-inspiring; Highborn; Without Further Ceremony; Noble; NobilityBoy
AdoffA noble or honourable wolfBoy
AdolfA noble wolf, title of HitlerBoy
AdolphA kind and honourable wolfBoy
AdolpheAn aristocrat wolfBoy
AdolphoSpanish variant of Adolf; Noble wolfBoy
Adolphusnoble wolf; A derivative of name AdoBoy
AdorjanPerson from Hadria (Latin Origin); A variant of AdrianBoy
AdreanLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdrianWater, or a sea of waterBoy
AdrianoLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdrianusLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdrienLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdrionLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
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