42 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B

BaldhildIt mean a bold battle.girl
BaldithMeans high spirited and Thoughtful.girl
BalsamOccupational name for a seller of spices. It is a variant of 'Balsel.'girl
BarbettaA variation of the name BabetteGirl
BarrettStrength Of A BearGirl
Bathildawoman warriorGirl
BeatrisaA variant of Beatrice. It means bringer of joy.Girl
BelindaBright SerpentGirl
BellindaBright serpentGirl
BelyndaThe name means: Beautiful serpent and it's origin is SpanishGirl
BerdineBright MaidenGirl
BerendinaIt's Dutch and means: strong or courageous as a bear The male version is Barend or BernhardGirl
BeritGlorious, IntelligentGirl
BernadetteBrave As A BearGirl
BernadinaBear; Courageous; Feminine of BernardGirl
BernadineBrave As A BearGirl
BernardaFeminine of BernardGirl
BerniGermanic - Brave as a bear; One who Brings Victory; A variant transcription of name BernadetteGirl
BernieDerived From BernardGirl
BertaFamous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or GloriousGirl
BertiNoble; Shining; BrightGirl
BertildeShining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior MaidenGirl
BertinaFrom germanic 'bright'. Popular in 1892 and 1893.Girl
BessDerived From ElizabethGirl
BetelgeuseHunter'S ShoulderGirl
BethDerived From ElizabethGirl
BetiaHouse of God; Daughter of JehovahGirl
BetsyConsecrated To GodGirl
BetteConsecrated To GodGirl
BettieBettie is an alternate form of Betty Both can be used as a short form of Elizabeth, Bethanne, or Bethany, or as independent namesGirl
BettinaConsecrated To GodGirl
BettyOath of GodGirl
BillieItalian - Beautiful; Germanic - Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Defender Of JusticeGirl
BindyPretty snake; A Diminutive of BelindaGirl
BlumaA Flower, BloomGirl
BobbeGermanic - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Bright Fame; Strange; ForeignGirl
BrunaA brown-haired womanGirl
BrunhildLike battle armor; Dark; NobleGirl
BrunhildeBattle armorGirl
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