169 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

Emiliathis name means to rival or emulate or excel.Girl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
EadaionIt means Friendship in GermanGirl
EagleEducated and noble person; attentiveGirl
EammaIts derived from germanic name emen meaning universal.Girl
EarnestineOne who has vigor and is serious mindedGirl
EarthaThe mother EarthGirl
EattaIn german it means little oneGirl
EbbaIt means strong .Girl
EbertaIntelligent; Bright; BrilliantGirl
EdaA wealthy guardian angel who is well mannered; to strive for wealthGirl
EddaOne with clear vision; great grandmother inheritanceGirl
EdelinaGod is gracious; one who is rich or blessedGirl
EdelineAn honorable person; ornamentGirl
EdelleA superior person; has excellent tasteGirl
EdelmarOne who is famous for noble personalityUnisex
EdelotA reputed, intelligent and ethical beingGirl
EdeltraudOne who is born of noble and hardGirl
EdeltrautOne who belongs to a noble familyGirl
EdeltrudeOne who is born with fighting spirit; strengthGirl
EdiThe one who is rich in warGirl
EdidThe one who has a habit of being joyfulUnisex
EdidaA joyous and prosperous workerGirl
EdieBringing wealth and success from the warGirl
EdiedA rich and famous personGirl
EdiheOne who has been flourishing financiallyGirl
EdithProsperous in WarGirl
EdithaBlessed to be successful person or individualGirl
EdonyNordic Goddess of immoralityGirl
EdvigBattle; fight for ContentionGirl
EdvigeContention and strifeGirl
EevonneYew; a coniferous tree which has red berry-like fruitsGirl
EgelinaOne who has the power of an EagleGirl
EhrenA honourable and kind hearted individualUnisex
EidelGentle one; noble and kind personGirl
EidithRich or blessed; the one who is secureGirl
EihUncountable; an oak tree who loves free detailedGirl
EiichiA notable and powerful ruler who is brightGirl
EilieuaBright and beautifulGirl
EilieueA happy go lucky, spontaneous personGirl
EilikaSword tip; a serious minded and diplomatic personGirl
EinildaBattle; an idealistic and powerful natured personGirl
ElberthinaA bright and famous personGirl
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
EleonoraShining bright light coming from aboveGirl
EleonoreA shining bright ray of lightGirl
ElfreedaOne who has the power of an ElfGirl
ElfridaOne who can threaten an ElfGirl
ElfriedeOne who has the strength of an ElfGirl
ElicaA noble person; they are filled with gratitudeGirl
ElifOne with a slender body; originalGirl
ElisaOne who is consecrated to godGirl
ElisabethGod providing satisfaction and supportGirl
EliseThey take God as their oathGirl
ElitaOne who has made a huge difference and is nobleGirl
ElizabethOne who provides satisfaction and fullnessGirl
ElkeA noble and kind hearted individualGirl
EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys lifeGirl
ElleaOne who is foreign and is true to allGirl
EllfreedaA born Elf or a magical counselGirl
EllfridaA powerful and magical creature; an ElfGirl
EllfriedaA magical and powerful counselGirl
EllfrydahOne who has massive power and strengthGirl
ElliA kind and devoted individualGirl
EllieGod is the guiding lightGirl
EllinaThe entire world; the bright and shining oneGirl
EllsaExalted; God acts as an oathGirl
ElmaOne who is sweet like an appleGirl
ElmeenaOne who has intimidating fame; helmetGirl
EloiseA healthy and wide individualGirl
ElomA healthy and wise individual; wide oneGirl
ElouiseVariant of Eloise; powerful warriorGirl
ElsaGod who provides satisfaction; truthGirl
Elsabethe meaning of this name is god is a vow or my god is in abundance.Girl
Elsbeththis means one who is pledged to god.Girl
Elsethis is used as an abbreviation of Elisabeth or it can also mean one who is noble.Girl
Elshathis means noble by birth.Girl
Elsiethis means noble by birth or god is bountiful.Girl
Elsjerighteous or noble.Girl
ElskeUsed for as a shorter version of Elizabeth meaning god is my oath.Girl
Elvahthis name means elf power or magical power.Girl
Elysantthis name means an Elizabethan Saint.Girl
Elysethis name means someone who is pledged to god.Girl
Elysiathis name means blissful.Girl
Elzathis is a form of Elizabeth or can also mean god is my joyGirl
Emthis name means whole or complete.Girl
Emathis means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.Girl
Emalinethis name means laborious or eager or peaceful home.Girl
Emalliethis name means rival or hard working.Girl
Emalynthis name means peaceful home or little rival.Girl
Emaynthis name means peaceful home.Girl
Embethis name means burnt coal.Girl
Emberthe meaning of this name is coal that is burnt.Girl
Embeththis name is a combination of two names emma and bethGirl
Emeliaa striving or industrious person is described using this name.Girl
Emelieliterally meaning someone who is striving or eager to excel when faced in difficult situations against a rival.Girl
Emelinea peaceful home or an industrious person.Girl
Emelythis name has the meaning of a leader who emulates success.Girl
Emelynthis name means hard labour.Girl
Emelynethe name is derived from old German word amal meaning labour.Girl
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