35 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FabienneA lady of the bean farmGirl
FaigaOne who is bird-likeGirl
FaricaA very calm leaderGirl
FedericaA Queen who rules peacefulyGirl
FelisbertaAn intelligent and wise womanGirl
FenjaPeace, protection, safetyGirl
FerdaOne who lives near rhe alder treesGirl
FernandaAn adventurous girl travelerGirl
FilibertaAn especially bright individualGirl
FilmaOne who is veiled and hiddenGirl
FiruzAn unvanquished and successful personGirl
FlorentiaA tailored form of 'Florence' which means 'to blossom'Girl
FrankaFemale form of Frank, it refers to a free womanGirl
FranziskaGerman feminine form of 'Franciscus' which translates to a Frenchwoman who is freeGirl
FredaFemale version of Fred meaning peaceful (German); Also means blessed and beloved (Old Norse)Girl
FreddiVariant of Freda which refers to a peacegiving and harmonious woman (or leader)Girl
FredericaFemale version of 'Frederic', it refers to a peaceful person (or ruler)Girl
FrederickaFeminine variant of 'Frederick', it means peace binding leader or rulerGirl
FrederikaA variation of 'Fredericka', it means a peace-loving ruler'Girl
FrederiqueFrench version of 'Fredericka' meaning a peace-binding rulerGirl
FredrickaVariant of 'Fredericka' meaning a peacable person or rulerGirl
FredrikaA modified form of 'Fredericka' which means a peace-maintaining rulerGirl
FreedaA ruler who is peaceful; It means beloved in Old NorseGirl
FreedahA peace-binding ruler (German); blessed and loved (Old Norse)Girl
FreidaA variant of Freda, it means a peaceful rulerGirl
FriedaDarling and dearest.Girl
FriedeElf strengthGirl
FriederikeThe master who rules the nation peacefully.Girl
FrigOne who is foremost among the GoddessesGirl
FrijaA major goddess, wife of OdinGirl
FrithelaThe one who is free and spread peaceGirl
FrithestanThe place or land of freedom or peaceGirl
FritzieThe royal king who rules the city peacefully.Girl
FuchsiaBeautiful rose color flowers.Girl
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