107 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LuisaA famous battle maidGirl
LandraCounselor, She who gives adviceGirl
LaraA famous person who is notable to manyGirl
LauraPerson crowned with laurelsGirl
LauriceJester, clownGirl
LawandaPeople of Slavic origin who inhabited Easter GermanyGirl
LeaPerson who brings good newsGirl
LeiselPerfection lies within the GodGirl
LenaA short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted womanGirl
LenePerson who is destinguishedGirl
LennaGermanic - Lion; Brave; Hardy; Hebwew - Of Magdala; A variant transcription os LenaGirl
LenoreLight, the one who shines the lightGirl
LeomaThe bright womanGirl
LeonieShe who is like a LionessGirl
LeonoreLight, brightness of the Sun raysGirl
LeopoldinaBold one among the peopleGirl
LeotaOne among the peopleGirl
LerissaCheerful, buoyant person who always smilesGirl
LeynaGreek name meaning truthGirl
LiaA weary mistress or rulerGirl
LibbyA person who made an Oath to the GodGirl
LibelleA name of German origins that means DragonflyGirl
LiesaMy loyalty lies with GodGirl
LieseMy God is abundanceGirl
LieseiAbundance can be found in GodGirl
LieselI find abundance in my GodGirl
LieselotteContraction of Lise- My God is my Oath, and Charlotte - A warriorGirl
LiesiA person who finds God in the OathGirl
LieslOne who finds God in an Oath, Promise or a PledgeGirl
LiezelMy God is bountiful, My God is in my OathGirl
LiezlA bounty, a pledge, an oath made to a GodGirl
LiliOath of God; Flower lilyGirl
LilieLily flower, symbo of purityGirl
LilliShort for Lilith, meaning of the nightGirl
LillyLilly as a Lily flower, pure and beautiful oneGirl
LiloPerson who is generous and givingUnisex
LinaPerson who is tender and delicateGirl
LindaBeautiful woman; SerpentGirl
LindeA soft and gentle person with an extremly friendly personalityGirl
LindieA coinage of the Linden tree, also means Beautiful in SpanishGirl
LindsaiFrom the Lincoln island, an island of lime treesUnisex
LindsayA person who is from the Lincoln island.Unisex
LindseaA person who comes from the island where Lime trees growGirl
LindseeA woman who lives on the island of the lime treesGirl
LindyA woman with pretty features, an attractive, beutiful lady; SerpentGirl
LineA brave woman warriorGirl
LisaOne who is devoted to GodGirl
LisbethDiminutive of Bethia, a New Testament village near JerusalemGirl
LiseSwedish form of the name LisaGirl
LisetteThe one who is pledged to GodGirl
LiueteA woman who is one with the peopleGirl
LizAn Oath of GodGirl
LizaA woman whose life is dedicated to God's worshipGirl
LizzetMy God is a VowGirl
LizzetteMy God is in my VowGirl
LizzieHonoring her Oath to the GodGirl
LizzyWoman who Pledged to the GodGirl
LoisOne who is holyGirl
LoraSpanish for FlowerGirl
LorahA woman who is as beautiful as a flowerGirl
LoraineWoman from LorraineGirl
LoralaiName of the Siren of German legends, who sat on the rock and lured sailors to their deaths.Girl
LoraleeAn alluring woman who sings and lures manGirl
LoraleiOne whose singing lures man to their destructionGirl
LoralieA siren whose singing lures man to their deathGirl
LoralynA woman whose beautiful song leads man to destrucionGirl
LorannaA woman who is honorable and victoriusGirl
LoreShort of Eleanor, means The Other AenorGirl
LorelaiA siren who sings and lures man to their deathsGirl
LoreleiA woman whose songs makes man drown, a sirenGirl
LoreleyA song of the beautiful woman that leads man to deathGirl
LoreliiA luring rock in the Rhine RiverGirl
LorellaA Siren from the River RhineGirl
LorenzaA female who came from Italian city LaurentumGirl
LorettaA Girl who was born in ancient LaurentumGirl
LoretteA Girl whose origins are from ancient LaurentumGirl
LoriA victorius and honorable GirlGirl
LorileeA luring rock in Rhine river where the Siren sangGirl
LoritaName referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.Girl
LornaThe forsaken oneGirl
LorrainePlace name, she who is from town LorraineGirl
LorrieNickname for Laurel, meaning where the laurel trees growGirl
LorryWoman from town called LaurentumGirl
LottaShort from Charlotte; free womanGirl
LouisaLatin for little womanGirl
LouisianaFrench place nameGirl
LovisaA woman who is a famous warriorGirl
LoyceA revived warriorGirl
LuanaAn Honorable maiden in the battleGirl
LucinaItalian form of Lucia, shine, iluminateGirl
LucyEnglish variation of Lucia, meaning lightGirl
LudwigaA glorious warriorGirl
LuijzikaGerman name for noutorious warriorGirl
LuisanaA loud fighterGirl
LuiseA renowned warriorGirl
LuisinaA maiden in warGirl
LujzaA famous warriorGirl
LulieA person whose birth was illuminated by daybreakGirl
LunaMoon, one of the name of the Moon GoddesGirl
LurleneTemptress, an enchanting womanGirl
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