32 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter O

OdaAn assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith.Girl
OdeThe final or the end of salvation, where the person get relieved of all his duties.Girl
OdelaThe follower of the Narayanan.Girl
OdeletteThe guardian of the mankind.Girl
OdeliaThe deity or Lord of whole mankind; Lord Vishnu.Girl
OdelinaThe servant of the guardian.Girl
OdelindaLittle wealthy oneGirl
OdellThe one who is distressed or upsetUnisex
OdellaThe chastisement of terrificGirl
OdettaManifestation of Lord Vishnu.Girl
OdetteA lion in a form of human. A person who possess the furious powers of a lionGirl
OdilaThe right path that a person should follow. Also the name of Lord VishnuGirl
OdileA person who follows the right path according to the beliefs and humanity.Girl
OdiliaThe divine Dhurga or divine LaxmiGirl
OdolinaLike the blossom of the pomegranateGirl
OlaiaThe person with a record of successes.Girl
OlieA mythological or super-natural armyGirl
OlindaThe one who is possessing sweet smell.Girl
OriholtYoung female spouse.Girl
OrioldIntellectual or spiritual worth.Girl
OrioldaFerns, leaves, palms.Girl
OrlandaMaster of all above.Girl
OrmandaNinth in the family.Girl
OthaOne who is wealthy and fortunateGirl
OtheliaPerson who is born with high morals and willpowerGirl
OtiliaA person who is preserving and patient; hearingGirl
OtilieShe who is wealthy.Girl
OttieA strong willed and wealthy individualGirl
OttiliaOne who is from the fatherhood and is fortunateGirl
OttilieA person who is rich, prosper and wealthyGirl
OtwayA person who is fortunate and like a beautiful heroineGirl
OtyliaAn individual who smells and looks like a roseGirl
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