50 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
SophieShe is wise and cleverGirl
SaachaA person who helps and defends peopleUnisex
SarildaMaiden in battleGirl
SarloteFree manGirl
SarohildiArmored war maidenGirl
SaskiaOne who has a knifeGirl
SaxaOne who is handy ewith a knieGirl
SchatziOne who is dear and valuableUnisex
SedehannaGod has favoured with a victory dayGirl
SedemaiThe slave of the victory dayGirl
SelinaStar in the skyGirl
SelmaGod's helmetGirl
SelmahA divine helmetGirl
SerhildBeloved mainden in warGirl
SerhildaArmored maiden in battleGirl
SerhildeA lady in battleGirl
SerihildaWoman who goes into battleGirl
SerihildeArmored woman in battleGirl
SerildeMaiden in battleGirl
SerrildaA maiden in battle who has armorGirl
ShadleyThe skull or one whith pecularity of skullUnisex
SieglindA soft and gentle victoryGirl
SigfreidaShe is a protector of her victoriesGirl
SigfriedaHer victories brough peace and protectionGirl
SigfrydaShe who achieved victory with peaceGirl
SigilwigA woman who is a ChampionGirl
SigismundaShe who gives protection with victoriesGirl
SiglindaA victory of protectionGirl
SiglindeShe is a protective victoryGirl
SigmondaShe is a protective hand of victoryGirl
SigmundaShe is a victorious woman who brings protectionGirl
SilkoShe is a blind womanGirl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SolvigA girl who is strong like the SunGirl
StanzeOne who is a steadfast womanGirl
StarkA surname, meaning a family that is powerful and strongUnisex
SteffiA woman who has the crownGirl
SteffieShe has the crownGirl
StellaStar of the seaUnisex
SunhildShe is the Sun's battle maidenGirl
SunhildeShe is the warrior of the SunGirl
SwanhildaShe who is a battle swanGirl
SwanhildeA girl who is like a battle swanGirl
SwanildShe acts like a battle swanGirl
SwanildaA girl who is a battle swanGirl
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