30 German Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TabeaFrom the ecclesiastic greek tabeitha, a woman who was brought back to life by St. PeterGirl
TalejaOf a noble kindGirl
TaliciaOne who is honorable and nobleGirl
TaminaA twin sister to someoneGirl
TanjaA fairy princessGirl
TatjanaA variation of Russian Tatiana, from a Latin family nameGirl
TawannaOne who vandalisesGirl
TeigraA tigressGirl
TerrieA late summerGirl
TheaGift of godGirl
TheresaA harvesterUnisex
TheresiaGreek name, means to reapGirl
TilaIn English it means Good person. In German it means mighty in battleGirl
Tildathe strength or power in battleGirl
TillesOne who is fortunate, splendourGirl
TilliOne who is mighty in battleGirl
TillieA mighty person from the battleGirl
TillyThe strength in battle or warGirl
TresaA strong person, name of a saintGirl
TrezaHarvest or the late summer, a saintGirl
TriannaA gracious or a noble person, a pureGirl
TrissaA harvester, a strong farmerGirl
TrudaA girl who fights for her nation.Girl
TrudeRefers to very powerful.Girl
TrudiRefers to settlement.Girl
TrudieWho is powerful in spear throw.Girl
TrudyA person who is having mighty strength in the spear.Girl
TrulaRefers to the fact or reality.Girl
TruvyA person who appreciates beautyGirl
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