392 Germanic Baby Names With Meanings

Selecting an appropriate baby name is a huge responsibility, especially if you’re a first-time parent. There are so many factors and options to consider that it may feel overwhelming at times. Should you go for something entirely new or a tried and tested family name? Or a name based on heritage or characteristic? How about picking something entirely unconventional like a Germanic baby name?

Germanic names were used centuries ago by people residing in Northern Europe and Germanic tribes like Saxons, Angles, Vandals, Goths, Franks, and many other Teutonic speakers. These names are still in use in some parts of Germany, and other European countries.

Most of the Germanic first names consist of two elements. So people could form new names by combining elements from two names. Saint and Latin names were also used by Germanic people. Surnames did not exist in those times. The surnames were introduced in the German-speaking Europe in the Late Middle Ages.

From the cultural heritage of Germania, Germanic mythology, and tribal groups of combatants, MomJunction brings you the names that gave rise to English, the most widely spoken language in the world. For complete details on the name, just click on the name link.

AchardMedieval Norman form of Ekkehard. It means brave and hardy.Boy
AideHonourable, Nobel, helpfulGirl
Ailishvariant of AliceGirl
AimericHard workingBoy
AindhadiFamous starBoy
AinhoaRefers to the Virgin Mary.Girl
AinsleeVariant of AINSLEYGirl
ArchambaultPrecious or true and boldBoy
AshmanOld English - Seaman, Pirate, One who travelled in Ash Wood Boat; German - BoatmanBoy
AymericGermanic - King of work; A variant of the name AimeryBoy
BeorhthereAn army of lightBoy
BeorhtircHe who is the ruler of lightBoy
BeorhtmaerOne who is famous for his brightnessBoy
BeorhtmundHe is a protector of lightBoy
BeorhtnothOne who has the courage of the lightBoy
BeorhtricHe who is the King of the lightBoy
BeorhtsigeThe victory of light over the darknessBoy
BeorhtstanThe light of the stoneBoy
BeorhtwigThe battle of the lightBoy
BeorhtwineHe is a friend of the lightBoy
BeorhtwulfTo have the light and brightness of the wolfBoy
BeorhtwynnThe joy the light bringdBoy
BeornaA woman who is as strong as a bearBoy
BeornfredOne who is the protector of the bearsBoy
BeornfrithA man who is protective like a bearBoy
BeornhelmOne who lives near the place inhabited by bearsBoy
BeornmodHe who guards and protects like a bearBoy
BeornmundHe who is protective like a bearBoy
BeornnothTo have the courgae of the bearBoy
BeornothTo be brave like a bearBoy
BeornredHe who is like a red bearBoy
BeornricOne who is the Bear KingBoy
BeornstanHe who comes from the Bear stoneBoy
BeornwaldHe is powerful like a bearBoy
BeornwardHe who guards like a bearBoy
BeornwynnOne who is the firend of bearsBoy
BeorthelmHe who is a Bear protevtorBoy
BeorthmaerHe sho is a Famous BearBoy
BeorthwulfOne who is like a bear and llike the wolfBoy
BeorwardHe who has the Bear's PowerBoy
BeradHe who is brightBoy
BeranHe who has the strenght and bravery of the BearBoy
BeratOne who is brightBoy
BerchthildThe war of the bright menBoy
BerctaAn illustrious woman who shines brightlyGirl
BercthunA man who shines brightlyBoy
BerenwaldHe who has the power of a bearBoy
BerhtricHe who is the King of the LightBoy
BerhtwaldTo have the power of the lightBoy
BerhtwulfHe is the wolf of the lightBoy
BermundHe who has the bear's protectivnessBoy
BernulfHe who is like a wolf and a bearBoy
BernwiniHe who is friend of a bearBoy
BerthelmHo have a bright powerBoy
BerthguinA shinging oneBoy
BerthunA person who is brightBoy
BertilakThe playful dance of the lightBoy
BertredA light of red colorBoy
BertulfTo be like a wolf and bearBoy
BertwaldOne who is a powerful bearBoy
BillaFrench - Beautiful; Germanic - Will; Desire; A variant of name BillieGirl
BodoOne who is messenger and a leaderBoy
EmericoThe power of work.Boy
FaramundoThe one who travels with protection and shelter.Boy
FriderikiA friend who is very honest in relationship.Boy
GarreckA very long ponted rod used as a tool or weapon, spear.Boy
GarrikThe one who is expert in javelin throw.Boy
GarvynClose mate who is in the midst of problems and difficulties.Boy
GatienRefers to greeting or receiving.Boy
GaulterioThe head of the military.Boy
GearaltThe one who gives order by using the spear.Boy
GebhardGift of bold or valiant, powerful.Boy
GedelA good GodBoy
GeigerThe one who plays violin very well.Boy
GenThe lady of the congregation.Girl
GenevaJuniper shrub, small tree with berry cones.Girl
GeneveWoman who is engaging in running.Girl
GenovefaThe one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.Girl
GildardoThe meaning of the name Gildardo is God. It is a male name of Germanic origin, but is also used in Spanish speaking countries.Boy
GilenGilen is a male name of Germanic French origin. The name Gilen means Hostage, Vow.Boy
GinetteThe name Ginette means The Race of Woman.Girl
GipeGipe means Dirt of Grime, comes from old GermanicBoy
GirardGirard means Brave with the Spear.Boy
GirardusGirardus means Firm Spear and comes from Old German.Boy
GiraudGiraurd means The Spear Ruler, Spear Brave.Boy
GirauldThe meaning of the name Girauld is Commands with a Spear.Boy
GiselaThe German meaning of the name is Pladge, Turkish meaning is Beautiful.Girl
GiseleGisele means Pladge or Hostage.Girl
GisellaThe name means Pladge.Girl
GisselleGisselle originates from old German and means Pledge.Girl
GistinThe name Gistin means Just.Boy
GodeheardA person who gets power and solidness from God as a gift.Boy
GodoiredGodoired is a variant of the name Godfrey and means God's peaceful ruler.Boy
GodyfGods peaceBoy
GofriedPeace of God from the Germanic words god which means god and the word frid which means peace.Boy
GreyGrey is the short form of name Greysen. Grayson means the son of steward, guardian or wardun.Boy
GualtierGermanic - To Rule; Army; Powerful Warrior; Form of Walter; Army GeneralBoy
GualtieroGermanic - To Rule; Army; People of Power; Army of Power; Strong Warrior; Italian form of WalterBoy
GuillameGermanic - Resolute Fighter; French equivalent of William;Boy
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