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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Gigi

Gigi is a short and stylish name with French and Greek roots. The name means ‘earth worker.’ It can also mean ‘God is my strength.’ Gigi arises from the name Georgine or Georgeos, which is of Greek and Latin origin and means ‘farmer.’ Georgina and George are its Greek roots. Gigi is a diminutive of these words and carries the same meaning. Georgeos comes from ‘georgos,’ which is a combination of two terms. ‘Ge’ in it means earth, and ‘ergon’ means work. The overall meaning thus comes out to be ‘a person who works on Earth.’ A related symbolism of the name, apart from earth worker, is ‘God is gracious.’ The French meaning of Gigi is ‘trustworthy girl from the farm.’ In Japanese, it means ‘flowers.’

Although it has its roots in words used in the past, Gigi, as a name, has only recently become popular. So, it is impossible to find its first mention in ancient or medieval periods. However, the name seems to have increased in popularity since the 1940s because of its occurrence in fiction. One of the first references to it in the modern world comes in the 1944 novella ‘Gigi’ by the French writer Colette. This novel became a huge hit and was adapted into a French film and a stage play.

There are also not many variations because it is a relatively new name. You won’t find any reference to it in any language or writing system. In America, the term has been made popular by models and celebrities choosing it for their daughters. For example, designer Cynthia Rowley chose it for her daughter. It can also be a nickname for lengthy names like Georgiana or Gabrielle.

That being said, Gigi is hugely popular in movies and American soap operas. For example, Gigi Morasco is a character in the American series One Life to Live. Georgia ‘Gigi’ Hayden is a character on the hit series Gilmore Girls. You will also recognize the talking cat Gigi in the anime movie Kiki’s Delivery Service.


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Gigi is a female name of Greek origin. It means Earth worker.
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How To Pronounce Gigi?


Famous People With The Name Gigi

  • Jelena “Gigi” HadidAmerican model honored with the International Model of the Year award in 2016
  • Gigi GracietteAmerican television personality best known for hosting the show El y Ella
  • Gigi ParrishAmerican actress known for her film Roman Scandals
  • Gigi CauseyAmerican television producer known for producing If I Didn’t Care and Time Freak
  • Louise Gigi GastonAmerican Olympian turned writer-director, known for optioning screenplays to Miramax, Universal, New Line, and Fox, directed videos
  • Gigi LaiHong Kong singer and actress known for working in roles in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

Gigi On The Popularity Chart

The name’s popularity seems to have risen from the mid 2000s. The graph indicates a fluctuating yet steady rise in popularity from 2008.

Popularity Over Time

The name recorded its lowest popularity of 9 babies per million in 1987. After 2014, the name’s popularity shot up to reach 82 babies per million in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

With some lows in between, the name’s rank has only slightly improved since the 1980s. It started improving in 2016 and took its highest spot so far at 2,236 in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Gigi

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