1463 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter B

Baby Girl Names Starts With B

For girls with names starting with B, it’s all about peace and happiness. They have a sensitive nature, and think about people from a neutral perspective. However, despite being introvert and delicate, they are extremely compassionate and personable. Their way of words makes others feel understood and comfortable.

B people also make supportive and loyal partners. Their kind demeanor and natural charm make it easy to live harmoniously with everyone. So as your baby girl will grow, she’ll become a generous, warm hearted, and family-oriented woman. She’s even likely to love animals and nature.

B people even enjoy studying and researching on things they are interested in and know every fact right at their fingertips. This knowledgeable aura draws others towards them.

Being too emotional has its share of disadvantages and same is the case with people with names starting with B. They tend to take things a bit too personally, which affects them on a deeper level.

In numerology, the letter B is equivalent to number two. People with this numerical are polite, tactful, and like to work behind the scene.

For those who want their baby girls to have similar traits, pick a name starting with the letter B. MomJunction has got a few hundreds of these below. Take a look.

BaijantiOne who wins; a mythical flowerGirl
BaijayantiA beautiful garland for Lord VishnuGirl
BailaOne who is a beautiful form of danceGirl
BaileOne who is troubled.Girl
BaileetOne of the Assyrian goddess.Girl
BaileighAn administrator manager; a GoddessGirl
BaileyAn administrator or a manager; a GoddessUnisex
BailiOne who can reach great heights and depthsGirl
BailieghAn officer of justice and administrationGirl
BailyA hard working steward personGirl
BailyeOne who has the desire to uplift humanityGirl
BainOne who have a strong vision of the futureGirl
BainaOne who is glittering with radianceGirl
BairagiIndependent one; freeGirl
BairaviMelodious; they are another name of Goddess DurgaGirl
BaisakhiName of a very auspicious day in PunjabGirl
BaishaliName of an ancient city; lovelyGirl
BaisleyPaisley; unique and majesticGirl
BaivaviA wealthy and happy individualGirl
BaizaOne who is white and pureGirl
BajaLower one; name of a placeGirl
BajilaA dignified womanGirl
BakaCrane; Variant transcriptions are Bacca; Backa; Bakah and BakkaUnisex
BakerOne who keeps the communal kitchenGirl
BakhdanA very delicate and beautiful girlGirl
BakhitaThe fortunate oneGirl
BakhsheeshThe Blessed One; Divine Blessing; God's Gift; A Donation from God; Given by God; A variant spelling is BakhshishGirl
BakhtawaraA baby girl born with tremendous luckGirl
BakirahA virgin girlGirl
BakytHappiness or luckUnisex
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small ChildUnisex
BalahHebrew - Timid; Bashful; A variant of name BilhahGirl
BalakaMeans a sort of cranes. It symbolizes honor, faith and self confidence.girl
BalanSmall Child; Little One; Young oneGirl
BalapuspikaThe young blossom or the young flower.Girl
BalbalaPashto term for bulbul or nightingaleGirl
BalbinaDerived from balbus meaning stammering or stuttering. Martyr and daughter of Quirinus the martyr.girl
BaldeepMeans lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealisticUnisex
BaldehiuaMeans to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.girl
BaldehuiaMeans to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.girl
BaldethIt symbolizes wisdom and knowledge and an analytical mind.girl
BaldethivaIt symbolizes enthusiasm and optimism.girl
BaldgiuaA genuine and attentive personGirl
BaldhildIt mean a bold battle.girl
BaldithMeans high spirited and Thoughtful.girl
BaleaIt means to be carefee, happy and free spritedUnisex
BaleeIt symbolizes being an extrovert, analytical and ethicalUnisex
BaleiIt symbolizes being inquisitive and intelligent.girl
BaleighIt means a bailiff. It symbolizes a man who follows the law.girl
BalethivaIt means intelligent, valued and brilliant.girl

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