163 Baby Girl Names That Start With Co

CoriannA seething, boiling, turbulent poolGirl
CorianneFrom a turbulent, boiling, seething poolGirl
CorieA pool that is bubbling, boiling and turbulentGirl
CorinaMaiden; a beautiful, young, unmarried, virgin womanGirl
CorineA young, good looking woman; a MaidenGirl
CorinnMaiden; a young, unmarried, virgin womanGirl
CorinnaA young, unmarried woman; a MaidenGirl
CorinneAn attractive, young, unmarried womanGirl
CorinthiaA woman hailing from Corinth; an ancient city in GreeceGirl
CorisaFrom a ravine; a boiling, frothing poolGirl
CorisandeThe flower of the heart; the person closest to the heartGirl
CorissaA young, unmarried virgin; a MaidenGirl
CorissiaA young, beautiful woman; a maidenGirl
CorlaLiving in the seas and oceansGirl
CorleeGenerous and happy; jolly, cheery and animated in behaviourGirl
CorleneA maiden; a young, unmarried womanGirl
CorlieOne who is carefree and cheerful; a nonchalant happy go lucky personGirl
CorlissGood hearted, generous, cheerful and nonchalantGirl
CorlissaGood hearted person, who is generous and nonchalantGirl
CorlyCheerful and nonchalant; A good hearted and serene personGirl
CorneliaA person who is firm, wise and strongwilledGirl
CornieA bony growth on animals; hornsGirl
CoronaCrown; Name of a second century Saint and MartyrGirl
CorraAn unmarried virgin woman; a maidenGirl
CorriA frothing, bubbly pool from a round hillGirl
CorriannaA bubbly, frothy seething pool from the round hillsGirl
CorrianneFrom the bubbly, frothy seething poolsGirl
CorrieA ravine, seething pool or frothing waterGirl
CorrinaA maiden; young, unmarried virgin womanGirl
CorrineDerived from "Corinna", meaning Maiden, a young unmarried womanGirl
CorrissaMaiden; a young, virgin, unmarried womanGirl
CorryA bubbly, frothy pool or ravineGirl
CortanaA sword; a weapon used at the time of warGirl
CortieFrom a seething, frothing pool or ravineGirl
CortnieOne who works and lives at courtGirl
CortnyA dweller of court; a courtier; one who lives in courtGirl
CorvinaA person who has dark hair, like the raven'sGirl
CorynTriumph of the people; victory of peopleGirl
CorynnA beautiful, unmarried young womanGirl
CosettaDerived from Corsett which means A Little thingGirl
CosetteSomething that is small, tiny and littleGirl
CosimaHarmony and peace in the universeGirl
CosminaPeace with life; Praise; Commend. It is the Romanian form of "Cosmas".Girl
CotovatreName of a lakeGirl
CotyHelpful; Shield; Protective individualUnisex
CountessFeminine equivalent of the word "count"Girl
CoureOne who maintains a top positionGirl
CourelOne who has a versatile natureGirl
CourtenayLiterally means "From the court"; When translated into French, it refers to "Short nosed"; From Courtenay in Northern France.Unisex

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