1147 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter D

Baby Girl Names Starts With D

The letter D in girls describes a loyal and trustworthy individual, who’s always up for helping others. They have a firm sense of purpose and a set of principles, which they follow religiously. This makes them larger than life. People with this initial can even be a bit finicky about tidiness and cleanliness, but that’s just a part of their perfectionist nature.

In numerology, D is equivalent of four, which represents security, hard work, and balance. They are extremely patient and do not give up easily. They even have an eye for detail and think through things thoroughly. So your baby is sure to impress everyone with her planning and knack for organization.

But there’s one drawback with this initial. Communication can be a bit of a problem with D people. They tend to be overly suspicious and cautious of everyone around them. So they’ll need to work really hard to make and maintain close relationships.

If you wish to give your baby girl a name starting with D, take a look at MomJunction's listing below. We have beautiful D baby girl names sourced from various regions and religions. Some are modern and colorful, while others are traditional and classic. In short, there’s something for everyone out there.

DaleahTo teaseGirl
DaleeOne who lives by the valleyUnisex
DaleelaA GuideGirl
DalekaDistant battleGirl
DalenaSmall valleyGirl
DaleneA beautiful valleyGirl
DalenkaDistant battle. A Form of Daleka.Girl
DalennaPrecious little jewelGirl
DaleyAn assemblyGirl
DaliDrawn towards GodUnisex
DaliaGrape vineGirl
DaliahGentle oneGirl
DaliboraDistant battleGirl
DalilaA desired individualGirl
DalilahLanguish; weakGirl
DalindaNoble SerpentGirl
DalisDraws waterGirl
DalishaDelightful and happy personalityGirl
DalitOne who draws waterGirl
DaliyaGod is my GuideGirl
DaliyahA branchGirl
DalkaDistant battleGirl
DallaDwelling in the meadowGirl
DalleenThe educated oneGirl
DallesOne from the meadowUnisex
DallinBelonging to the meadowUnisex
DallisOne from the DalesGirl
DallyTo delayGirl
DallysA resting placeGirl
DalmaMade of metalGirl
DalmatiaA womanGirl
DalrFrom the valley.Girl
DaluchiThank God.Girl
DaluhWish; a desireUnisex
DalwBeloning to a valleyUnisex
DamaA noble womanGirl
DamaliOne with best visionGirl
DamalisA CalfGirl
DamandeepOne who destroysGirl
DamaraAn educated womanGirl
DamariGentle and kindGirl
DamarukiThe sound produced by emotionsGirl
DamayantiSubdues; name of a PrincessGirl
DameA ladyGirl
DamekaA little ladyGirl
DametaMethodical; processGirl
DamhnaitOne who cannot be tamedGirl
DamianThe soft oneGirl
DaminiLightning; powerfulGirl

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