74 Baby Girl Names That Start With Du

DuaWorship ,Prayer one who is blessedGirl
DuaaPrayer to Allah or GodGirl
DuanaLittle dark OneUnisex
DuangkamolRight from the heart.Girl
DuanphenFull moonGirl
DubakuEleventh Born Child; very fortunateUnisex
DubravkaAn oak grove.Girl
DucelThe one who is filled with sweetnessGirl
DuchaSmall or humble.Girl
DueOne who belongs to a tribe; wolf powerGirl
DuenaProtective Companion; a chaperonGirl
DuhaBefore noon, Morning; time of forenoonUnisex
DuhrTime of forenoon; very good timeGirl
DukuThe 11th born.Unisex
DulaSlave; a steady and determines personGirl
DulariIt means the loved one in sanskrit.Girl
Dul�Minute details loving person; excitingGirl
DulceIt means someone who is sweet by nature.Girl
DulceaThey are very sweet naturedGirl
DulciaOne who is filled with sweetnessGirl
DulcianaA freedom loving being; sweetGirl
DulcibellaBeautiful and majestic creatureGirl
DulcieA civilized and humble being; sweetGirl
DulcinaOne who is lovely; creativeGirl
DulcineaOne who has a sweet and lovely natureGirl
DumiOne who inspires others; they are powerfulUnisex
DumisaniGive praise; a honorable and well praisedGirl
DumitraFrom Demeter.Girl
DunaLittle dark one; one who is tall and confident like a hillGirl
DuniaThey are very understanding and passionateGirl
DunjaThey are sweet like a fruitGirl
DunyaBeautful and smart human beingGirl
DurableOne who maintains a lasting impressionUnisex
DurbaOne who is a sacred grassGirl
DurdaanaA single and precious PearlGirl
DurdanaA single and precious Pearl; jewelGirl
DurdanahGold, ruby or pearl.Girl
DureneSomeone with an enduring and everlasting personality.Girl
DurgaHindu Goddess; power and intelligenceGirl
DurildaA loving, nurturing and happy personGirl
DurkhanaiGem. It's also the name of the heroine of famous folk tale, Adam Khan aw DurkhanaiGirl
DurmataFirst power; strong as DurgaGirl
DurnaveThey cannot be attained easilyGirl
DurnazBeautiful like pearls, adorableGirl
Durr-e-ShahwarKings worthy pearl.Girl

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