28 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eri

Eriansomeone from Ireland.Girl
ErianaWelsh word for silver.Girl
Eriannasilver in Welsh language.Girl
Ericaforever strong or ever queenly.Girl
ErichaHeather; also a feminized form of the name Eric.Girl
Erickaa feminized form of the name Erick meaning ruler of people.Girl
Eridiansomeone belonging to the planet Eris.Unisex
Eriesomebody who belongs to Ireland.Girl
Eriellion of god.Girl
Eriellaa Spanish word for lioness of god.Girl
ErihapetiHelper or supporterGirl
EriifeoluwaThe evidence of God's love.Girl
Erikaa feminized form of the name Eric meaning someone who rules the world.Girl
Erikkaa feminized word which means a ruler.Girl
Erilyna combination of two words Eric and Lynn.Girl
Erimenthacollector of thoughts or determined protectorGirl
Erinaa feminized form of erin; meaning peace and a poetic way of referring to Ireland.Girl
ErineVariation of Erin which means From the island to the westGirl
Erinnameans Ireland.Girl
Erinnea word which means Ireland.Girl
ErisGreek goddess of chaos and strife and discord.Girl
Erisaa goddess from Greek mythoology primarily concerned with discord and strife.Girl
Erishait means a goddess of Greek mythology.Girl
Erissathis is a Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord.Girl
EristaLatin word for harvest.Girl
Eristythe best or harvest.Girl
Erithit means flower.Girl
Erizeldaa battle maiden.Girl

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