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The letter G describes an analytical and philosophical girl who loves to study and travel. These girls are thoroughly imaginative, which makes them extremely inspiring to be around. Their way of thinking is completely out of the box, and their souls are visionary. These creative individuals and lateral thinkers rely a lot on their instincts and analyze things from every angle before taking the final decision.

In numerology, the letter G is associated with the number seven, which explains their high expectation from other people and disappointment when the expectations are not met. These meditative personalities are highly attracted to religion and spirituality as well.

The only concern is that G girls do not pay heed to advice and don’t like to listen to anyone whose thoughts do not align with them. So your girl can give you a pretty hard time in her teens. Also, the great intelligence and brain power can even bring drawbacks such as irritability and indecisiveness. But with the correct guidance, she can surely leave a strong mark on the world.

So if you’re searching for an uncommon baby girl name starting with G, you’re at the right place. Apart from traditional ones such as Gabrielle, Grace, and Gina, there are hundreds of other baby girl names starting with the letter G in MomJunction's tool. Take a look!

GayRefers to joy, pleasure, delight, enjoyment.Girl
GayaOne of the holy places of in India.Girl
GayathriSpirit of the Vedas (knowledge)Girl
GayatriMother of the vedas also a goddessGirl
GayePrecious ornament which reflects yellow or gold in color.Girl
GaylaA form of GailGirl
GayleIt is similar to GailGirl
GayleneFather who is worthy to be praised.Girl
GaylynGirl who likes to sing happily or energetic or sparkling.Girl
GaylynnGirls who always makes her father happy and blissful.Girl
GaynellGlittery and delightful.Girl
GaynelleThe one who is glimmering and contented.Girl
GaynorOne who is open minded and easy-going.Girl
GayoraValley of sunGirl
GazalaThe one who is intellectual and fascinating.Girl
GazbiyyaThe one who is beautiful and pleasant.Girl
GazbiyyahOne in is wondourously beautifulGirl
GazelleWho is gentle and merciful.Girl
GazitHewn stoneGirl
GbemisolaYoruba term meaning carry me into wealth.Girl
GbohunmiGod has heard my cry.Girl
GbolahunShow the wealth.Girl
GboyegaCarry the glory high.Girl
GeaRefers to the earth or universe.Girl
GeacOne who belongs to the earthGirl
GeanaGod is most merciful and kindful.Girl
GearldinePerson who is commanding with the spear.Girl
GeashnaRefers to an overcomer or winner or champion.Girl
GebyGod's Able Bodied One; A variant of GabyGirl
GeddiOne who is beloved of GodGirl
GedlaOne who belongs to the place called GedlingUnisex
GeelaEcstasy, bliss or elation.Girl
GeenaA well-born womanGirl
GeetSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaUnisex
GeetaSong, bhagwad gitaGirl
Geeta SuhaniOne of the spiritual books in Hindu religion.Girl
GeetanandThe Lord of GeetaGirl
GeetanjaliOne who sings spiritual songs as submission to the God.Girl
GeetiA songGirl
GeetikaVery tiny melodious song.Girl
GeetleenOne who is fascinated by the blissful songs.Girl
GeetuSomeone who's very special.Girl
GefionOne who bestows treasures.Girl
GefjunThe person who provides prosperity.Girl
GehennaNew Testament version of hellGirl
GehnaRefers to something used to beautify.Girl

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