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45 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jes

Jesal Glimpse or sudden movement Girl
Jesanie Under the blessing of gracious Girl
Jesca Frisian form of Jessica, meaning He (God) beholds. Girl
Jeselle Fair and smooth Girl
Jesenia Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight Girl
Jesica Rich one; One can predict what's going to happen Girl
Jesicca Yahweh foresights, ability to predict Girl
Jesika Elaboration of jessie, a present Girl
Jesimae Yahweh beholds Girl
Jeslyn Blessed with wealth and beauty Girl
Jesminder Queen of flower Girl
Jesmyn A flower from olive family a fragrant flower Girl
Jesmynda A variant of Jasmine, a fragrant flower Girl
Jesna Garden of heaven Girl
Jess God exists, a gift from God, God sees all Unisex
Jessa The Lord sees all Unisex
Jessah Person who sees and observes everything Girl
Jessaly Yahweh is gracious Girl
Jessalyn Yahweh is merciful Girl
Jessalynn One who is very observant Girl
Jessame The one who is rich in properties. Girl
Jessamine Earlier spelling of flower name jasmine Girl
Jessamy A jasmine flower Girl
Jessamyn Fragrant flower Unisex
Jessany A gift from Yahweh Girl
Jesseca Someone who is very watchful Girl
Jessechia A Gods gift born in the daylight Girl
Jessemy Sensitive and fragile person Girl
Jessenia Jessenia is Flower; A variant of Jesenia which means in Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight Girl
Jessi Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight; God's Gift; God's Grace; A variant form of Jessica Girl
Jessia God beholds or observes Girl
Jessica Hebrew - God Beholds; Foresight; God's Gift; God's Grace; A variant form is Jessi Girl
Jessicaamy A beloved person beholden by God Girl
Jessie From the name jessica Girl
Jessika A character in shakespeare's the merchant of venice Girl
Jessilyn One can be seen by God Girl
Jessique Wealthy in God's grace Girl
Jesslyn Yahweh is gracious Girl
Jessy Wealthy Unisex
Jessyca God foresight everything Girl
Jessye Pet variation of jessica meaning he sees Girl
Jessyka Elaborated feminine form of jesse which is derived from the hebrew yishai meaning a gift Girl
Jestina Feminine form os justin, derived from latin justinus which means rightful Girl
Jesulayotimoni Jesus is the joy I have. Girl
Jesusa In God has my redemption Girl

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