1570 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter L

Baby Girl Names Starts With L

Numerology states that the initial of a baby name can help parents understand the potential of their baby girl and the opportunities and obstacles she may face in future. Isn’t that fascinating? After all, who knew that a single letter could carry so much power in it. Below MomJunction has thrown light on the personality traits and drawbacks of names starting with the letter L.

The letter L, equivalent to number three in numerology represents action, creativity, and communication. Girls with this letter in their name are cheeky, charismatic, sociable, and fun lovers. They love life to its core and keep sharing the enthusiasm of living with everyone around them. They are even adaptable to changes and wish to stay in bright and colorful surroundings.

But on the downside, L girls can be clumsy and even accident prone. So you’ll have to take good care of your daughter.

Below is MomJunction's list of beautiful baby girl names starting with the letter L for you to peruse as you finalize one for your daughter. And no, we’re not just talking about common names such as Laura, Linda, and Layla. There are hundreds of other beauties, which you may have never heard of before. So take a look!

LauracyOne who lives by the laurel treeGirl
LaurahLaurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryGirl
LauraineName meaning Laurel tree. Has many variationsGirl
LauralLaural tree, sweet bay treeGirl
LauraleeLaural tree, sweet bay treeGirl
LauralinSymbol of honor and victory; Laurel treeGirl
LauralynSweet bay tree, simbol of honorGirl
LauralynnLaurel tree, symbol of honor and victoryGirl
LauranaCrowned with laurelsGirl
Laurannefrom Laurentum, town nameGirl
LaureShe who is from the bayGirl
LaureatThe one who comes from town LaurentusGirl
LaureenSweet bay tree; From the bayGirl
LaurelBiblical name meaning laurel or bay treeGirl
LaurelaVictorious one, crowned with laurel treeGirl
LaurelinLand of the valley of the singing GodGirl
LaurellLaurel treeGirl
Laurellebay tree; crowned with laurel branchesGirl
LaurenaSweet bay tree; Symbol of victoryGirl
LaurenciaGirl crowned with laurelsGirl
LaurendaLaurel; BayGirl
LaureneFrench version of Laurel, Laurel treeGirl
LaurennePerson from Laurentum, a town in LatinumGirl
LaurentiaFrom the place of honor and victoryGirl
LaurentineLaurel plantGirl
LauretShe who is pureGirl
LaurettaSweet bay treeGirl
LauretteLaurel tree, symbol of honor and victoryGirl
LauriLaurel treeGirl
LaurianaLaurel; BayGirl
LaurianeGirl from the bayGirl
LauriannaAn evergreen shrub or tree whose leaves were woven into wreaths by the ancient GreeksGirl
LaurianneLaurel leavesGirl
LauriceJester, clownGirl
LaurielLaurel of bay treeGirl
LaurierThe crown of glory which will never fade awayGirl
LaurinLaurel tree or sweet bay treeGirl
LaurinaNordic name meaning bay treeGirl
LaurindaThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.Girl
LaurineDiminutive of LauraGirl
LaurissaVariation of the name Laurel, laurel treeGirl
LaurynnA laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fameGirl
LausanneLake GenevaGirl
LavadaAn individual who is purified and clensed, of pure soulGirl
LavaliAromatic flower buds of the plant cloveGirl
LavangiFlower buds of the Clove plantGirl
LavaniGraceful, charming and lovely individualGirl
LavanyaBeauty; Good Looking;Girl
LavaughanThe small or the little of somethingUnisex

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