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56 Baby Girl Names That Start With Naz

Naz The pride or the delicacy Girl
Naza beloved or sweetheart. Girl
Nazaakat The delicacy or the tenderness Unisex
Nazafarin The beautiful delicacy of a girl Girl
Nazah The purity of a person Girl
Nazaha The person who is on right Girl
Nazahah The just or fair person Girl
Nazam The poetry defining a particular thing Girl
Nazaneen a girl full or delicacy Girl
Nazanin A charming lady with delicacy Girl
Nazanin Zahra Nazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty. Girl
Nazanina One who charm others with her delicacy Girl
Nazarpreet One who is mesmerising to the vision Unisex
Nazeeha A virgin girl, a chaste Girl
Nazeena One who organise everything Girl
Nazeera Compared to others Girl
Nazeerah Others look her for the comparison Girl
Nazeeya One who has a high aspires Girl
Nazeli A pretty or a beautiful girl Girl
Nazer The eyesight, a vision of an eyesight Unisex
Nazgul A beautiful or a delicate flower Girl
Nazhin Name of a particular tree Girl
Nazia An energetic person Girl
Naziah A high-spirited girl Girl
Nazifa The purest or the chaste girl Girl
Naziha A girl that never lies Girl
Nazihah One who always speaks truth Girl
Nazik A slender or a delicate person Girl
Nazilla A cute person, pleasing Girl
Nazima The one who governs Girl
Nazimah An organiser, or a governor Girl
Nazira Someone turns to compare with Girl
Nazirah Comparable person Girl
Nazirqah The one who is compared Girl
Nazis The proud or something that can be proud of Girl
Nazish Something to proud, full of proud Girl
Nazlee A delicate and beautiful Girl
Nazli delicacy with the beauty Girl
Nazm A poem in context of a particular thing or person Girl
Nazma The bright and shining star of the sky Girl
Nazmi Out of the context of nazm Girl
Nazmil Like a beautiful poem Girl
Nazmin The delicate girl, a beautiful girl Girl
Nazmiya The melodious poem Girl
Nazneem An exquisitely beautiful girl Girl
Nazneen the most beautiful lady Girl
Naznin The most charming lady Girl
Nazo Someone who is whimsy and beautiful. It's the name of a famous Pashtun female poet of 18th century. Girl
Nazpari The charming or beautiful as a fairy Girl
Nazra Glow and happiness of a person's face. Girl

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