3919 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter A

Baby Girl Names Starts With A

There’s a certain charm about the initial A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet and is even considered the most powerful one. People with this letter as their initial are torchbearers, trailblazers, researchers, and even teachers who show the way to the others.

Baby girls with A in their initial turn out to be influential and significant individuals. They are either show runners or the driving force behind it. They are generally very sure and confident about themselves, and when they aren’t, they put on a brave façade, because they don’t want others to take advantage of the situation. They have idealistic visions and are tremendously confident about their skills. They are adventurous souls.

The letter A is equivalent to number one, which also symbolizes confidence. So by giving a name starting from A, you can help your baby girl with innovation and planning. And if another A appears in the same name, it will bring with itself the quality of being level headed and thinking through the problems.

For some awesome and beautiful baby girl names starting with the letter A, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve got them in hundreds.

AdelinAn honourable of a noble kindGirl
AdelinaA form of AdelineGirl
AdelindNoble SerpentGirl
AdelindaThe sweetness of nobilityGirl
AdelineA variant of Adela, meaning noble.Girl
AdelineNoble or nobilityGirl
AdelisaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela;Girl
AdeliseOne who is the first in nobilityGirl
AdelitaA winged or kind personGirl
AdelizaThe most noble or high nobilityGirl
AdellGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirl
AdellaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirl
AdellahThe brightness of kindnessGirl
AdelleA form of Adelaide, AdelineGirl
AdelleneThe kindness or the nobilityGirl
AdellufuThe noble love or the nobility of loveGirl
AdelphaA dear or beloved sisterGirl
AdelphiaA beloved sister, brotherhoodGirl
AdelredusA red-haired noble personUnisex
AdeluinThe pleasantness of a noble personGirl
AdelynGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant spelling is Adelaide; A derivative of AdelineGirl
AdelyneThe pleasant and noble ladyGirl
AdelynnGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant spelling is Adelaide; A derivative of AdelineGirl
AdelyteThe kind and nobility of a personGirl
AdenaDelicate, sensualGirl
AdenikeThe Crown is Loving; Affectionate; Crown has care; Wealth has Care; Crown is cherishedGirl
AdeolaCrown has wealth; Crown has honorGirl
AderesOne who protectsGirl
AderineA tender or a kind birdGirl
AderiyikeThe pampered crown.Girl
AderynA gentle and soft birdGirl
AdesinaShe opens the wayGirl
AdetteGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; A variant of AdaGirl
AdhOne who is from or of someone or somethingUnisex
AdhaitaA unique person, without dualityGirl
AdhayaThe first creator or the first powerGirl
AdhelinaOne who is noble or of the nobilityGirl
AdhiamboAfrican - daughter who is born after sunsetGirl
AdhikaThe more great or the greatestGirl
AdhiraQuick, lighteningGirl
AdhirukmaOne who wears gold or wearing goldGirl
AdhitiOne who is free or boundlessGirl
AdhraAfrican - Apology; VirginGirl
AdhrushtaOne who is fortunate, good luckGirl
AdiaA gift, or a gift from the GodGirl
AdiahGod's gift or God's ornamentsGirl
AdiatGrowing, increasing, augmentingGirl
AdibaCultured, politeGirl
AdibahOne who is cultured or well-manneredGirl
AdibellaThe beautiful diamond or jewelGirl
AdicaThe mother's choiceGirl
AdiellaThe decorative ornaments of GodGirl
AdijahOne who witness GodGirl
AdilaArabic - Equal; Just; Upright; Honest; A variant of name AdilGirl
AdileneGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant of AdelineGirl
AdinBeautiful, adornedGirl
AdindaThe oldest daughterGirl
AdineGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Slender; Delicate; Ornament; Its form of name Ada; A variant of AdinaGirl
AdiputeriFirst daughter or princessGirl
AdiraStrong, majestic, mightyGirl
AdiratnaA beautiful jewelGirl
AdishSupreme Lord; Fire; Intelligent; Full of Wisdom; A variant spelling is AadishGirl
AdishaktiThe primary power, the Goddess of Supreme powerGirl
AditaOne who belongs to the SunGirl
AdithaThe first rootGirl
AdithiThe Hindu deity of sky and fertilityGirl
AditiGuest; Mother of God; The Earth; representing the hospitable natureGirl
AditriHighest honor, goddess lakshmiGirl
AdivaPleasant, gentleGirl
AdjoaAfrican - Born on a Monday; A daughter who is born on MondayGirl
AdjuaThe one born on Monday.Girl
AdlaArabic - Justice; Honest; Hebrew - My OrnamentGirl
AdlartokClear skyUnisex
AdlenOne with the curly hairGirl
AdmiraA friendly and divine individualGirl
AdmirandaEarth worthy of admirationGirl
AdnA place of an everlasting blissGirl
AdolfaThe feminine version of Adolf, meaning 'noble wolf'.Girl
AdolfinaGerman - Noble Wolf; Noble HeroGirl
AdolfoNoble wolfUnisex
AdolphaA noble and kind she wolfGirl
AdolphineAn honourable and noble wolfGirl
AdonaMy lord is YahwehGirl
AdonciaA sweet girl, sweet like honeyGirl
AdongoThe second of twins.Girl
AdoniaPhoenician - Lord; Ruler; A female variant transcription of Greek name Adonis which means beautifulGirl
AdonicaPhoenician - Lord; Ruler; From Adam And Monica; A variant transcription of Greek name AdoniaGirl
AdonisA handsome young man loved by aphrodite in mythologyUnisex
AdoraThe glory of a person, adoredGirl
AdoracionAn act of religious worshipGirl
AdoreTo love or respect with whole heart and soulGirl
AdorerOne who loves or respectGirl
AdorinaOne who helpsGirl
AdraOne who is chaste, a virgin adrahGirl
AdrasteaOne who cannot escapeGirl
AdrasteiaOne who cant flee or inescapableGirl
AdreanaLatin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark one; A variant of AdrianaGirl

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